Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekend Update

Well we're back from Canada. Yesterday's traveling SUCKED. I keep forgetting that even though I am only 5 months along, I am sitting here with a body that thinks it's WAY farther than that. You should have seen the size of my ankles when it was all said and done. I looked ridiculous. We drove into Buffalo WAY too early and I breezed through check in and security in like five minutes. Then we waited for two hours. Luckily they had a play area where Addison proceeded to pester every child until she found one to play with, but then she was sharing andd offered him a Swedish Berry (THE HORROR!) and the granola-eating mother freaked out and scared Addison. Our flight was delayed a little. Usually when I do stopovers, the "long" flight is like 3 hours, then an hour long one, then home. I neglected to notice our stopover was in Las Vegas and it would be a five hour flight. I wanted to kill myself. Addison slept through 2 hours of it and then played wit her "make-ups" for the rest. But I was so uncomfortable for those five hours I could hardly stand it. We got off the plane in Vegas, which by the way is the CREEPIEST airport ever and I was fairly sure it was full of child molesters so I was paranoid with Addison the whole time. We finally got home around 1am after a good 12 hours of travel .NEVER. AGAIN.

The overall trip was great, after the appointment with SIck Kids, we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. Addison went trick or treating with er three adorable cousins, and loved it. She would say "Chicken Treat!" and then say "Okay, next house!" So I think she liked it. We also did dinner with my whole fam in celebration of my brother Jonathan coming home from his mission in England. I was SoOoO happy to see him, except that he is so big now! lol. All of my brother's are pretty big, but he shocked me because it was like, hello giant man, have you seen my little brother? His homecoming at the airport was pretty funny. His plane came in way early so we were straight up Home Alone driving to the airport in a panic that he would come home to no one. And I had made a banner. A BANNER!!!! We got there in time, but apparently I was the only one who didn't dissolve into tears when he walked off the plane, and instead let out a big whoop... by myself... while everyone stared at me. Cool guys.

So anyhow, I am super happy to be home. I fell into bed last night and was in love. Oh yeah, I missed Justin too... lol. Kidding Justin! I missed you more than I missed my bed, I promise. Justin's reaction to me last night was "Wow... uh, you're really... big..." K, I KNOW.

Addison's impromtu make up. She did it with dry erase markers and then asked my AUntie Gayle if she had a mirror.

The Halloween spoils that are still at my mom's house.

Addison with her cousins post-trick or treating.

Just Adds. She LOVED being Snow White.

K. Adorable.

Mom and Adds. I found the devil horns on the floor of our van.

All the girls with their safety necklaces. lol. Rough neighbourhood.

Addison messing around in the kitchen while I frantically got her ready. My doctor's appointment went so late that I had like 4 mins to get her ready.

Ton ton!!! Home from his mission. Look at the size of this kid!

My parents with the banner I made yet refused to hold.


Carolyn said...

Aw Addison was an adorable Snow White! Looks like a blast, and again, so glad to hear the good news.

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