Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Anonymous:

Anonymous, who commented on my last blog:

Please look up the medical description of an acardiac twin, after which you can come back and apologize for your ignorant comments. If you're going to creep on my blog, at least have the dignity to use a name when being derogatory and condescending about issues which you demonstrate no knowledge or understanding about. Friends and family close to me will be happy to tell you that although one of my sons has no chance at life, he does in fact have name, just like his brother, something that has not been shared on a public blog that every Tom, Dick and apparent heart transplant expert has access to.

Thanks for your concern for the spiritual well-being of my children, but I've got it well under control. It must be awfully nice to sit on the outside and be able to hypothesize what you would do in my situation when you're allowed the luxury of not being in my shoes.




Amy S. said...

Oh, heck no. I can't believe people can be so insensitive.

Jae, I am a stranger to you but I consider you to be a courageous example of faith and strength. My family has prayed for you. I think about you and your two sweet little boys often. May the Lord be with you as you face difficult decisions of how to time things. You must be a strong soul to be given such big challenges. IMO, that means the Lord loves and trusts you in a loving, intimate way.


-Amy (from BBC)

Morgan and Derek said...

Jae- I'm so sorry that Anon just jumped all over you. You are amazing and strong and I think about you every single day! Hang in there.

kemery755 said...

Haha, I was so mad when I read his/her comment! I bet you could tell.. Anyways, way to go for stickin' it to the man! Haha.

The Wifey said...

Oh it must be so FUN hiding behind anonymous names and getting to say whatEVER you want even though it might truly hurt someone's feelings. Hey psst..ANON you know what that is called? Being a COWARD! I'm so glad you know Jae and her situation so well that you feel so entitled to say the things that you do.

Jae-I'm so glad that you are sharing your story at all and I know that what you are going through will help someone else in the future with a very similar situation. Love you!

Matt and Carolyn said...

I'm so sorry Jae! People are so insensitive sometimes, and obviously they knew it because they were too scared to post their REAL name!

Like Morgan, I think about you guys everyday and what you're going through. Sorry you also have to deal with stupid people :).

Love ya Jae!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to apologize for my comments, I do realize you are looking out for the best interest of your baby. I hope everything works out and everyone is healthy. Please accept my apology and I wish nothing but the best for your family. God sent you this baby because he knows you are strong and a great mom. Again, I am sorry and should have thought about it before typing. Best wishes for the future and I'm sorry if I have caused any distress.

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