Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Update

This last weekend was pretty sweet as far as weekends are concerned. I love all the weekends leading up to the holidays because they all seem festive, even if you aren't doing anything in particular.

On Friday Justin and I went over to his grandparent's house. They had ordered a pool table and needed some help getting it set up. Buuuut when we got over there, they realized that the pool table didn't have LEGS and that we would have to come back Saturday. It's just as well, I was beat. I had appointments on Friday morning, and then tried to do a little Christmas shopping, but I just can't hit the mall like I used to! Too fat! Anyhow, we went home and put Addison to bed and then we stayed up wrapping presents. Our family wraps everything in the stocking as well as all the tree presents, so I wanted to get all of Addison's stuff done. I still haven't even started on Justin. We are late shoppers when it comes to eachother.

Anyhow, Saturday was the ward Christmas breakfast, so we did that and then were promptly POUNDED with snow. I actually went and laid down for maybe an hour, and when I got up, there was a foot on the ground. I was actually pretty pleased with it, I need the validation of snow if it's going to be cold out. Addison and I went and played in it for a while, and then we headed off to the mall. Never go to the mall two Saturdays before CHristmas. Addison loves running everywhere we go, and thanks to her mittens on a string, I had a leash to hold onto her. We picked out some neighbour gifts and then it was time to head to Justin's OTHER grandparents because they have a big Christmas party every year with a Santa and everything. It was a pain to drive up in the snow, but it was worth it for Addison to get to see him. Santa picked her to be the special helper and wear reindeer antlers and such, and she actually didn't even cry when she had to sit on his lap, a vast improvement from the past two years. She has talked non stop about Santa since then, because now they are BFF. I hope she doesn't think that means she doesn't have to be good anymore...

Anyhow, last week before the holidays! I still have my standard three a week appointments this week, plus a visit to my regular OB and the cardiologist. WOO! Crazy fun!!!
Anyhow, here's some pics!

In the glorious snow!

The reindeer nose that gives no way for BREATHING so poor Addison was sitting there drooling and gaping her mouth open like a fish.
Being the helper and handing over the presents. He saved hers for last and then was like "That's it, there's no more presents" and Addison literally looked devestated.
Until he pulled her on her lap for her present and she gave him some shifty eyes, which he reciprocated.

But then we got a good pic and Addison got to open her present.... a Princess Ariel styling head.


GuppiesGalore said...

Ugg, Christmas shopping while pg is brutal. I was HUGE with my 10lb firstborn (born Dec 5) when I did xmas shopping one year. I was 6 mos preggo with my 9.5lb baby the next year. Waddling around the mall, people banging into you (no respect for the preggo), losing your breath. It's aweful. LOL! I feel your pain in that department.

Beth said...

What a beautiful girl you have.

I am glad to hear that you are hanging in there. You are so courageous and a wonderful mother.

I LOVE your fashion blog and just had to hop over here to catch an update.

You and your family are in my prayers!

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