Monday, December 29, 2008

A Very Dysfunctional Christmas!

So I am finally getting around to posting all of the pics and goodness from the holidays. They were a little more low key this year, and it was the first year that I really wanted to be at my own house for Christmas. We mostly just stuck around the house and played with toys that I bought for Addison but secretly for me.

On the night before Christmas Eve we bundled up Addison and took her to Temple Square to see the lights, since she is OBSESSED with them. All day every day she asks to go see Christmas lights. We had to park pretty far away, because who knew, people like seeing Christmas lights at Christmas. So we walked a couple blocks and I started contracting like crazy, which caused me to want to throw up. We took a little rest in the visitors center to calm down and headed back out in to the frozen tundra. ALL FOR ADDISON. I will be guilting her about it later in life. Here are some gooorgeous pics, it was all worth it in the end.
The temple all lit up.
The Assembly Hall
Addison and Daddy how you'll most often find them.
Another shot of the front of the Assembly Hall. I love the architecture and the way its lit up. OMG I am starting to sound like Justin.

More of the pretty temple.

They put floating candles in the reflecting pool and I'm not going to lie, it was pretty sweet.

Justin got this one. It makes me feel calllllm. And a little cold.
The fam, including the large bulk underneath my eight layers of clothing that are our twins.

Could this be any more of the quintessential Christmas picture? Like she is so excited shes going to barf and her eyes are all sparkly and her nose is all red and I am going to eat her arm she is so cute. Also, for my Canadian friends, can I tell you Justin had never seen MITTENS on a STRING? Um, how else do you keep from losing them at Southwood Park Public School? HOW?

We decided to host a little Christmas Even shindig for Justin's fam in the afternoon of Christmas Eve... so really Christmas Afternoon but its nowhere near as catchy. We just ate and the boys played the PS3 and hung out, so that was nice. It compelled me to clean my house so it was all nice for Christmas. Too bad that lasted literally four seconds on Christmas morning and hasn't been remedied since. On Christmas Eve we went and .... you guessed it! Saw MORE lights. I have become quite the Christmas light connoisseur... jealous??

Christmas morning was SO FUN with Adds. She was into everything the second she got the paper off. We had to wake her up around 7.45 (I know you're like oh my gosh, why would you wake your child up? The easy answer is because I DON'T GET TO OPEN MY PRESENTS UNTIL ADDISON IS AWAKE, SO DEAL WITH IT.) We again, kept it lower key than past years and most of my presents had to deal with keeping me busy while in the hospital. My big present was a new ring and a scarf set from Saks, and Justin's was a Blackberry Storm, which he has yet to put down. I would tell you what Addison's big present was, but I lack any type of self control while buying for her, and all of them were pretty big. We did a LEaspter2 for her, with games, a princess kitchen that she has made me all sorts of imaginary treats with, a PINK car raceway because I am cool like that, etc, etc... SPOILED.
The Christmas tree on the Eve. Can I tell you how fun it is to be the sneaky parent and stay up late and cry at Its A Wonderful Life while wrapping last minute presents and then tip toeing around to get them all set out? LOVE LOVE LOVE.
Addison realizing the concept of stockings. THERE'S MORE THAN ONE PRESENT IN THERE!! And one of the presents is hair glitter, which I have been proudly sporting every day since Addison attacks me with it each morning.
Mastering the Leapfrog. She already figured out how to turn it on, choose game mode, choose her name and choose beginner level, and then play the game. Did I mention is for age 4-7? Pshhhh so basically Addison is a genius. Don't hate.
Classic Addison in an outfit from her cousins Kendyll, Ainsley and Mackenzie.

So now we're just hanging out this week and doing appointments and Justin can actually come because he doesn't have work. WOO! Of course, today I dropped him off at the office before I went to the hospital, and wouldn't you know it, my fluid has spiked sufficiently over the weekend (From 29 to 33cms. Nice.) that my doctor had a consult with all of the "team", meaning my OB, surgeon and two other perinatologists, and they agreed that I should start steroids now because of my risk of pre term labour. So I had get that insanely fun shot in my hip, and will get it tomorrow and the next day. I admit on Monday, so I am trying to have a good week before I get strapped to that hospital bed.

So, I hope everyone had an awesome holiday and got everything they asked for, but even more so got to spend time with their families. The older Addison gets, the more I see the importance of spending all the time I can with her. One day she'll be an obnoxious teenager and hate me and slam her bedroom door gratuitously while I suffer through a migraine. Better soak up the love now.


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