Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Update

I am kind of late posting today, craziness at the Christmas season is taking over my life! I had an appointment this morning pretty early, and drove over there in an obscenely Christmasy blizzard. It's still coming down. The appointment was fine, it seems my new cardiologist has made us his pet project and is pretty excited to come work with us. He told my perinatologists that he'd come down from Salt Lake once a week to check up on us while I'm in the hospital, so I thought that was nice of him. The baby is looking great, we were able to do measurements today and he weighs in at over TWO pounds. Nice. The acardiac is measuring much larger than 26 weeks, about 29 weeks, all due to his swelling. But he is still small in comparison to the healthy baby. The only thing they are concerned about right now is my fluid level. They want to see it under 25 cm and I've just topped 27. They mentioned about doing an amniotic reduction procedure, but did say that once I start having it done, it needs to be done every three days, and that maybe we'll wait until admittance before we consider it.

ANYHOW, Our weekend kicked off with that lovely cardiologist appointment. IT WAS 2.5 HOURS LONG. I was so burned out after being in that dark little room flat on my back for so long. We even had Addison in there with us and luckily she was good. Then we felt like we'd had kind of a glum Friday, so we did a little Christmas shopping that we had left over. When we came home I insisted that we make a gingerbread house. Well, the Jazz game was on, which meant that I lost my husband for a couple of hours. So I let Addison work on the gingerbread house in the loft, on the carpet. Genius idea, I know. Both of us ended up covered in icing, and I had a small breakdown when I realized that my husband, who does ARCHITECTURE a living, wasn't helping. After shrieking those exact sentiments, he helped us finish it. I think the Pocahontas gives it a festive touch, no?

Addison showing off her handiwork. Worst gingerbread house ever.
The final addition of Pocahontas and Sleeping Beauty, because nothing says Holiday Spirit like a Native American and a fairy tale princess.
My real life princess relishing the late night we let her partake in.

Saturday we planned out this huge day of shopping to finally tie up our loose ends. We left the house at ten with Addie in tow, and proceeded to go to any and every store within a thirty mile radius. By the time we were done we were retardedly exhausted. Like, I couldn't even move. We did it though! I now have a stack of presents that I need to wrap like, tomorrow. Justin needed a haircut so we went to his grandparents house (His grandma used to have a hair salon) and shot pool and played ping pong and argued over the rules for a while. Yeah, we kicked it at Grandpa's house on a Saturday night............. JEALOUS?

Sunday was a rough day but we got through it. I was up all night with a raging cold given to me by my darling daughter, and church was pretty hellish while I tried sniffling incognito. I finally gave up and went home, as I had to brace myself for the Christmas tradition that is going to see Justin's Salt Lake family. They. Are. Nuts. I won't say anything more than... there's a reason we only see them twice a year.

Addison all dressed up in her Christmas dress. OMG I love having a girl. With curly hair. Who wears jewelry. When she got to church, her and her little friend were comparing their Christmas outfits and shoes. I barfed from pure cuteness overload.

So now I am done with appts until Friday and I just don't even know what to do with all of my free time. Oh what's that? Christmas is coming and my house is messy and my fridge is empty? Oh....... right.


Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness! That gingerbread house has a strange likeness to the ones you and Dallin have made every year - except when Jonathan was there to rescue you! So I guess Addison comes by it naturally!
Love You!!!

Carolyn said...

Addison is adorable. I love her wild hair! lol

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