Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why I Say Nope to Dope

So yesterday was kind of a long day with getting settled in and it was emotionally draining to have to say bye to Justin and Addison and be left behind at night, but we're kind of feeling along and learning as we go what will work for us. Justin brought Addison over to spend all morning here and she did great. We played with make up and with her Leapster and watched a movie. The room I'm in is pretty big, since its a L&D room and they generally need space to move around in, so Adds has been exploring and I've somehow managed to stay on the monitor. My new OB has been into check on me a few times, and yesterday said he ordered me a softer mattress and sleeping pills for the night. I was like SWEET!

So once Justin and Addison went home for the night, I got settled and buzzed over for my sleeping pill. The nurse brought it in and I took it while she did vitals. Anyhow, I literally didn't even ask what they were giving me, I just wanted to sleeeeeeep. It wasn't until I got up to go to the washroom that I checked my computer and saw that it was an Ambien. Huh. Never had one of those bef0re!

Fast forward twenty minutes. It kicked in and I could not even form a complete sentence. I drunk dialed Justin with the intent of saying goodnight around 10:30 and instead just let out a stream of who knows what laced with uncontrollable sobbing/laughing until Justin finally yelled at me to go to bed. I wouldn't have remembered, except that I woke up and checked the text messages that I had sent Justin at 11 that read in their fullness:

"That's not fair. And I am toasted. Like the worst you dude i acco."
"My head feel like a salad tossed all around."
And finally, an apology I managed to eek out before I crashed.

On the bright side, I slept like a baby.


Amy S. said...

You have me rolling!

The first time I took an Ambien was after my second c-section. All I could remember about that night was that I had about 50 visitors come in the middle of the night. Until the next morning when my husband told me no one had come, and that I had hallucinated.

Good times.

Carolyn said...

oh my gosh, that was hilarious. That was nice of the doc to bring you new matress and drugs! And I'm so glad to hear things are going well with Adds there. Yay!

Derek and Mary said...

Glad to hear the Addison had fun! That would totally stress me out. Yeah, about the Ambien, maybe only take half a pill? I've heard of some crazy things going on when people have taken that!

Anonymous said...

Hi... it's me, Sis Pillinger. As a fellow "twin-preggo" mom, I've been reading along, keeping you in my thoughts. I, too, spent time in bed at the end of my pregnancy with Jordan and Emily, so I feel for you!

On a funny drug-induced blabber note... I had to have a hysterectomy a few years ago and a couple hours out of surgery, in my morphine-haze I phoned home. Alison answered and I blurted at her "Has anyone there seen a uterus? I seem to have lost mine! BWAHAhahaha!!!" And then I slammed the phone and hung up on her.

Thought that might make you chuckle... my kids love to dig that one up once in a while to tease me.

You're doing a good job kiddo. Bed rest can make you stir-crazy, but it's worth it (as you know.) *hugs* If I was there I'd read you Dr. Dog just to keep you company.

...take care <3

Jae said...

Aw thanks Sis. Pillinger! Ever since the drunk dialing incident, I've made sure to move away all electronics before I take my pill at night. I don't even buzz for it until I am tucked in and ready to close my eyes.

Bedrest sucks, but I was just informed that I could have a shiny new wheel chair today WOO HOO. Watch out hospital! Crazy pregnant driver!!

Natalie Pyles said...


My name is Natalie Pyles. I am a friend of Kate Jones and she was telling me about your story today. I just wanted to send a word of encouragement your way. Last year I spent 7 weeks on bedrest in room 501 of UVRMC. My water broke at 24 weeks and, thankfully I didn't go into labor, nor was my baby under distress, until 31 weeks. I had an emergency C-section and my baby spent 11 weeks in the NICU and now - is miraculously, pretty healthy. I remember the nurses there. They are so sweet. There is a volunteer who did a scrapbooking class on Thursdays named Lori Buss. She is awesome. The NICU doctors and nurses are great too. You are in good hands. Don't give any thought to the discouraging things you hear from Perineonatology. I swear, they can be pretty dang conservative in the "hope" department and their estimates are always 'off'. Anyway, my advice is to get a Netflix queue, go crazy ordering food (once you've been there for 2 weeks) and make friends with Julia, the housekeeping lady. She's a trip. Best of wishes to you. I'll follow your blog. Let me know if you want 'surviving the NICU' advice, later on.

-Natalie Pyles

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