Friday, January 9, 2009

Jae's Anatomy: Week One

So it's Friday night and I'm hanging out in my room listening to John Legend because since I've been here there is nothing MORE ANNOYING than the sound of that blasted television. Probably because the remote has one button for the TV and it controls everything. It turns it on, changes the channel and turns it off. How does it do it do you ask? Well, its not magical. You press it once to turn it on, cycle through every channel and then it goes off. SO it you find something you like, you just keep it on, because otherwise you have to cycle all the way back through, and then turn it off and back on and again, just to watch some flippin Dateline NBC. Also, it has no volume button. That's just getting greedy.

I'm holding up here. The nurses have been more than accommodating with me, and have been patient with my wiggly kid kicking the monitor off roughly 6,577 times per day. I've gotten to know them pretty well, and have my favourites already. They gave me a nice big room with plenty of room to spare, and my big excitement for the week is having Justin and Addison come sleep over here tomorrow. OMG. We'll see how it goes.

Healthwise, the babies are fine. The acardiac twin is swelling which is causing concern. We don't want him to pass away in utero because it would cause more problems for the healthy twin, so we're keeping a good eye on it. Healthy baby looks great as usual, and is swimming away, hiding from the monitors as best he can.

I've learned to manage my obscene reaction to Ambien by not taking it until I am tucked safely in bed with all communication and technology devices far away from me. It still hits me like a ton of bricks, but I don't dare go without, since the nurses are in and out of here all night long adjusting and readjusting, taking vitals.

So I'll live. Oh, I failed my glucose test today, so that was neat. PLEASE, SOMETHING ELSE GO WRONG WITH ME. I was so GOOD at being pregnant with Addison, I just don't understand it. Actually, I am being melodramatic, we are retesting on Monday to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Ooh, did I mention my high heart rate that MATCHES the baby's, and my pinkeye. YES I CONTRACTED PINKEYE. So not only am I all in my pajamas and hooked up to monitors and without a hairdryer, I also have pinkeye which causes one eye to swell like three times smaller than the other... hot....................................ness.

If I hadn't been on pelvic rest for the last two months already, I would put myself on it. Justin is a good man, but I don't want him to suffer through pretending to find me attractive for the next six weeks.


The Wifey said...

Oh Jae! sounds rough, but at least you have your awesome sense of humour (yeah I spelled it that way just for you) to get you through it!

Kara said...

Jae, I love reading your blog! I am totally cracking up! I do feel bad for you though. I hope your pink eye goes away quickly. I also hope your sleepover goes well. ;)

April said...

I am a TOTAL lurker, I admit it. But this post was just TOO hilarious not to comment on. I totally admire your ability to find the humor in EVERYTHING. I LOVE that you can laugh at yourself.

Good luck with everything these next couple of weeks. Just remember that you are in a TON of people's prayers!

And please, keep me laughing, I LOVE it!

Nathaly said...

Every time you update I'm like Yay! Another gem from Jae. This was so funny. Sorry about the crappy stuff, though. Man, if I got pinkeye in the middle of all this, I'd be like, are you KIDDING me??

Sis P. said...

Here's a "Mutual Commisseration" for you: when I was in with J&E, I left the TV on 24/7... I was so lonely it was at least another voice in the room. They had me isolated because I developed pneumonia and they (a) get sicker, or (b) make someone else sick. PLUS I had PUPPS... that's a disorder when your liver can't process all the hormones that 2 placentas are producing and presents itself like a horrid case of CHICKEN POX. There is nothing they can do about it, it goes away after the placentas are delivered. So as you can imagine, I was itching,HIDEOUS and huge looking! So attractive. My doc put me on a sleeping pill so I wouldn't scratch myself to shreds at night.

Do you get a lot of students wanting to poke and prod you? I had that. They like to be able to let the med students get their hands on multiple moms for the experience.

Good luck on the glucose test. My doctor took pity on me for mine... apparently there is the same amount of glucose in a Coke and a chocolate donut, so I didn't have to drink that icky stuff. My second test came back fine.

Take care kiddo... you've got a great outlook and it's all gonna be worth it!

Natalie Pyles said...

Hi Jae,

501 is totally the best room! How funny. Glad you met Lori. Tell her hi for me if you remember. Wow, Denise took you off the monitors? She never did that for me. :) You must be in good shape. I thought my neck would be permenantly stuck to the left after staring at the monitors all day. So, you get a little present every Tuesday night from the support group and that will continue in the NICU, so if nothing else, that can be something you look forward too. Okay, so after two weeks, you have to ask for a menu and ask to be called on the phone by the kitchen. The menu is REALLY hard to understand. I had to stare at it for like an hour before I figured it out, but anyway - the wraps are good, the cream cheese cookies are really rich. I loved the apple cinnamon muffins and the breakfast quiche. you can order V8 splash or hot chocolate or a milk shake (which I never did because I always felt too guilty ordering junk food) when you get bored of the menu choices you can ask if they have any other secrets. They make macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets for the pediactric floor and I lived off them for the last week I was there. That's all I can really remember about the food. My appetite shrunk while I was in there, so I didn't really get to take advantage of the food.
Sorry about your pink eye, insult to injury, eh? Good job keeping those babies safe. Hope you have a fun, distraction-filled day!


Anonymous said...

I am just a little lurker of your blog but I just wanted to tell you that I think you are AMAZING for doing everything that you are doing for your little ones. I don't think people realize how hard it is to sit in the hospital day after day and how lonely it can be. I had to stay in the hospital for only 2 weeks before my first child was born and it was HARD and lonely and I wanted to cry everytime they rolled in with a tray because it meant another needles in my bruised arm! But eventually it will end. And if I were you I would just keep on getting ready for the day with your eyeliner and mascara, even if no one else notices, YOU WILL, and it makes all the difference. Nothing made me more depressed than not getting ready for the day, even when there is no one to get ready for. So just keep pampering yourself away.

Remember, that time passes and soon enough you will be able to go home and be with your family and it will all seem like only minutes compared to your whole life with your little kids.

What an amazing mom you are! God knew that no one could do this but you!!

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