Thursday, March 5, 2009

Addison's B to the irthday

Another poor, neglected Addison post for you.

We had a little birthday shindig for Addison on Saturday. Nothing like the past two birthdays where I invited everyone she's ever met and made a big production of it. I still had to be at the hospital for most of the day, but managed to pull something together for her anyhow.

Here's her big spread. We did a castle cake and an ice cream sundae bar, which worked out pretty well for the time crunched. I didn't let her see any of it before the party, so she was pretty excited when she came in. Then she got shy because of the people there.

She got a guitar!! Which is currently ruining my Survivor-watching experience with its noisiness.

Here she is looking very cute in her new Tinkerbell dress up clothes, compliments of Mama and Daddy. Please note the mess in the background. Just looking at it makes me tired.
And then she spent the rest of the night dancing with her my-size Barbie doll. I ALWAYS WANTED ONE AS A KID. I'm living vicariously through her, I'll admit it.
And now I am left in the disbelief that I have a three year old! She is awesome. Aaaaand I am definitely saying that because she is just like me. Love having a mini-me! She has been SO GOOD during the craziness that is our lives right now. I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. She charms the pants of everyone and just has a special little sparkle in her eye that draws people to her. I adore her more than is humanly possible. Happy Birthday Addison!


mushbelly said...

It looks like a great party! I can't believe you did all that with all you've been going through. I bet your daughter loved it!

Ryan (the older brother) Porter said...

My size Barbie is possibly the scariest thing of all time... Tell me Justin bought her all on his own and tell me I can get the security footage...

Justin: "I will have one, my-size Barbie..."

Checkout Lady: "You are a grown man."

Justin: "Yes I am..."

Checkout Lady: "Umm..."

Chris Hansen: (the guy from to catch a predator) "Actually, there is no My-size Barbie. We posed in a chat room to be my-size barbie... tell us 'JustHim69' what exactly did you have planned for her?"

Justin: A party... Umm... I need to go... aw crap. Are the cops outside? Are you going to tell my wife?...?

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