Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jae's Anatomy: My Hospital Stay in Pictures

So I finally got around to downloading the pics we took while in the hospital (the very stay for which I received a $150,000 bill for, began sweating profusely and then remembered I had insurance for. I haven;t received anything for Andrew's care yet, but I am assuming it will be roughly the same, making him more expensive than my HOUSE). I took pictures of all the things I wanted to remember about it, good and bad, so one day I could show Andrew just how we got him here. Just going through these, I have been sitting here laughing at the ridiculousness that was my life for 6 weeks.

My leg cuffs. They were for circulation, since I was off my feet for so long, but I hated them. A well-meaning nurse touted them as "leg massagers" but she was a liar. They tightened every ten seconds like blood pressure cuffs. I tried to not wear them, but Justin would put them on me, claiming that he had enough of a taste of single-parenthood to not let me die of a blood clot.

My belly monitors. Yes, this massive mound is my belly, wrapped in a belly band that held the monitors in. It was tight and made me want to go insane, but then I wondered if it wouldn't be a little helpful to have a belly band post partum, so that it sucked things in and made me look skinny faster.

My excessively retarded, three button remote. It ran my life. If it fell off the bed, I cried.

The view out of my window. With all of my free time, I learned to spend alot of time contemplating this view. It was cloudy this day, and the nurse confessed that they watched us bedrest girls more carefully when it was cloudy, since it turned us all into wimpering fools who felt very sorry for ourselves.

PINKEYE. I promptly contracted this my first week in the hospital. I looked so miserable. But I got good drugs.

Addison and I playing "make ups". We did this ALOT, meaning I looked like a blind, sparkly hooker. I would also forget that I was wearing Addison's make ups and wander off to an ultrasound appointment.

Addison bathing in my hospital bathroom. Wearing sunglasses. I don't know why. I made her get out, and that made her sad. Which made me get my camera.

A pic of me at my LARGEST, two days before I delivered. Faaaat guy in a little coat! I wore non maternity stuff alot, and now its all stretched beyond recognition.

Me demonstrating the very place that I carry my baby weight... that's right, my chin(s).

Addison meeting her baby brother for the first time, a few hours after he was born.

The beautiful boy that we did it all for. Six weeks of misery to make sure that Andrew made it here safely. And I would do it 100 times over and over again.


Brooke said...

I have never laughed so much in a single blog post EVER! Don't you hate those monior straps? As soon as the baby was born I wanted them off before anything else. SOOO ITCHY!

Morgan and Derek said...

You survived! And I must say I saw you one day before you delivered and you were far from fat.

Sara said...

oooh, I've been waiting for pics! "blind, sparkly hooker" hahaha I love you Jae. And can I just say that little Andrew is the cutest thing EVER?! (Well the 3rd cutest thing ever, Ty and O are my first of course, lol) Seriously though, one cute little man :)

Natalie Pyles said...

(kate's friend again)

wow, those pictures of the hospital were all too real.

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