Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boys Are Gross

K, remind me again why I wanted a son so badly?

Today he pooped, then peed on me, then peed on me again. In that order.

If he weren't so cute I would be highly offended.


GuppiesGalore said...

LOL, it's not that boys are gross, it's that you got really lucky that your daughter never peed on you! LOL! My current baby has only peed on me once in 8 months...and it was last week.

Morgan and Derek said...

My boys are gross, but they're worth it. Trust me! Just be quick getting those diapers on. :) Or throw a wash cloth over his front if you need to wipe his bum.

Morgan and Derek said...
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Jenni said...

Rem is 2 & has yet to pee on me. *knock on wood* BUT when he was newborn I was changing his diaper and he peed right in his!

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