Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Confessional

I heart Fridays! Justin is taking the half day off and we're taking Addison to see Monsters vs Aliens. Its all she's talked about for literally two months. WOO for buttery popcorn.

-I love carpet lines. You know the lines you get right after you vacuumed? Yeah. I have very shaggy carpet and it doesn't show anything, but I vacuum just because those lines make everything look so CLEAN.
-However, I refuse to spend serious cash on a vacuum. Its just not something I value. To be brutally honest, I don't clean that much anyway. I'd rather buy a few pairs of shoes instead. And I did.
-I used to never think about the state of the skin around my eyes, but lately I've become obsessed with it. Ever since I went into the hospital and STOPPED SLEEPING, I've got these crazy bags under my eyes that are the bane of my existence. Once upon a time I was well-rested. It'll probably be a good two years before that happens again, and by then I'll be 27 and have REAL eye wrinkles. Nooooooooo.
-I sometimes think the sole purpose of is to release me from the inner turmoil that comes from hearing someones voice or seeing someone on a movie and wondering "Where do I know that guy from??" I wish there was IMDB for real life. It would save me alot of brain power.
-I love arcades. Anything that involves tokens and silly games. Back home there was a Playdium and we went there just about every weekend. Hook me up with a giant claw game ANYDAY.
-I agree with EVERYTHING this man says. And I'm a little bit in love with him.
-Taylor Swift is coming to Utah, and tickets go on sale next week. I warned Justin this morning that when he takes me to the concert, he will be excessively embarrassed of me. I WILL turn into a 12 year old girl and I WILL sing along loudly with every song.
-I commonly eat Cadbury Mini Eggs as breakfast. And I become HIGHLY offended when someone refers to them as Hershey's Mini Eggs. DON'T TRY TO TAKE CREDIT FOR THAT ONE, AMERICANS!!


Morgan and Derek said...

Except my dear, that in America, Cadbury mini eggs are made by Hershey... just thought you should know. Hee hee.

And maybe you and Justin should have seats in separate rows at the concert. ;)

GuppiesGalore said...

Hey now!!! I'm 28 and don't have "real eye wrinkles" yet. LOL. You will recover, you will sleep again. :)

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