Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Confessional

-As my Facebook friends know, I picked up a chocolate cream pie shake on the way home from the gym last night. It was a hard workout okay? I needed sustenance.
-I am have a sick weakness for celebrity gossip. Me + a bathtub + an issue of US Weekly = a perfect night. I don't even know why I care. Its just good mindless drivel to unwind.
-My house is pretty much trashed at the moment. Well, just the 2nd floor. I am pretty vigilant about keeping the main floor visitor-ready at all times, because people in this town love to drop by unannounced and I don't want to scramble to pick things us. But Addison toy room looked like it partied all night and barfed before falling asleep.
-I am an animal lover, but contemplate shooting my neighbor's dog on a regular basis. Or maybe I should just shoot my neighbor. Then everyone wins.
-I am addicted to the internet. Like, seriously addicted. Justin got his Blackberry Storm for Christmas and I use it more than he does. I say "Gimme your Blackberry" roughly 800 times per day.
-I yearned for hospital food the other day. Not the food, per se, but the scheduled appearance it made to my bed, followed by the cleaning up of dishes that was taken care of by someone other than me. Pure heaven.
-I doodle my name obsessively any time I have a pen and a piece of paper. Its very flourish-y! Also, I think the word 'doodle' is silly. DOODLE.


Uncle Rynie said...

What's with our ENTIRE family "doodling" our names on paper ESPECIALLY when we talk on the phone?

We ALL do it! Except for Jonathan who, while on the phone -trying to negotiate food for starving families in Africa- will compose an entire symphony, paint a masterpiece and nurse a injured wild boar back to health with the use of synthetic nipples he developed late one night in his room while translating lost hieroglyphics from Egyptian tombs.

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