Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Schedule Thus Far...

So its right about noon now. Here is what I've accomplished today:

5:30 am - Woke up for the fourth time to feed Andrew. FUN TIMES. I constantly think k, remember how awful it was when he was in the hospital and I had to DRIVE over there in the dead of night to feed him? Be grateful that he is now only a few feet away.
6 am - Addison wakes up because she hears Andrew. She runs in and asks me if she can go to Gigi's house. Gigi lives in Canada. I tell her no, she runs out of the room crying and goes back to bed.
8 am - Justin wakes me up as he is leaving for work. Tells me Andrew is right beside me. Thinking he is in his bed, I roll over. He is in MY bed. I squish him.
8:15 am - Andrew wakes up to eat again, prompting Addison to run in and say "Momma! Its wake up time! Now can we go to Gigi's?" Since I don't have a teleportation device, the answer is still no.
8:30 - We call Gigi so that Addison's need to see her is sated.
8:45 - After watching Matt Lauer talk to Dolly Parton on the Today Show, I shepherd the kids downstairs for breakfast. Addison wants pancakes, I want waffles. So I make both. I use paper BOWLS for plates because I have yet to load the dishwasher.
8:50 - I load the dishwasher.
8:55 - Addison and I engage in a light sabre versus wooden dowel sword fight in the kitchen.
8:57 - I comfort a crying Addison because the sword fight became wildly out of hand.
9 am - Back upstairs. I check in with work and plan my workload for the day. Happily N'Ever After is on when I turn on our super awesome movie channels. LOVE.
9:20 - I yell at Addison to never ever ever touch her laughing/vibrating Elmo chair ever again and comtemplate throwing it into a woodchipper. Most. Annoying. Ever.
9:30 - I finally get to work. Andrew wants to be held. I finally get him down for a morning nap after swaddling him within an inch of his life. Checking to make sure he can breathe, I resume.
11:30 - BLOG BREAK!

Can you believe this was only ONE HALF of a day? My goodness, I am superwoman.


Morgan and Derek said...

You are superwoman. No question.

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