Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Name & Meaning: Andrew William. Andrew was a name that I had thought of pretty much the moment I got pregnant, which was weird. I had always planned on naming my first boy Porter, and was STILL planning on it until we found out about the twin's situation. Then I just couldn't get it to fit anymore. So we thought of plenty other names that were less common than Andrew, but I still kept coming back to it. We named Thomas practically on the way home from the surgeon's in Salt Lake after we got the diagnosis. Finally, with the help of me sneakily telling Addison to call my belly Andrew, we settled on it while I was in the hospital. His middle name is for Justin's grandpa, who I adore. We named Andrew for Justin's very serious grandfather and Thomas for my very jovial grandfather, so I'm anxious to see if we got it right.

Age: 2 months. Woo! And weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs.

Nicknames: Andrew-boy, Mr. Boy, Baby Boy, Bubbie and Bubs. Those are all very specific to me.

Favorite Activities: Nursing................. nursing........ and a little more nursing.

Favorite Foods: See above.

Least Favorite Foods: Chocolate. lol. He doesn't do well when I down a bag of Mini Eggs.

Favorite Music: Anything playing in the car to get him to sleep.

Favorite Toy: His bouncy chair that vibrates. He would live in it if he could.

Favorite Book: Last night we were reading all about baby Kittens and he seemed to enjoy it. But Addison picked it out so...

Favorite Item of Clothing: His kangaroo wrap blanket that velcroes him into a tight little cocoon.

What Makes Him Happy: Being held, nursing, and being talked to. He loves to just sit on my lap and listen to me jabber at him. I even get him to smile this way!

What Makes Him Sad: Not eating.
Funny Words or Phrases: Nothing yet! I'll get back to you!

Name & Meaning: Addison Jae. Addison was named the second I found out I was pregnant. I knew she was a girl before we found out that she was, and Justin loved the name Addie. We rounded it out to Addison and to this day I love that her name was so effortless to us. I always envision my kids walking into a meeting and announcing their name. If its too wishy washy I don't like it. But Addison is a strong name. I don't love girly names that sound cute for babies but don't grow into adult names. Jae is after me. Justin brought up the idea of naming her after me, but Addison Jacqueline was a mouthful. So we used Jae, a nickname that my very good friends call me. I love that all three of our kids have a family connection with their names. I think it instills family roots in them as they get older.
Age: 3 and a bit.

Nicknames: Adds, Addie, peanut, Peanut-head, Stink, Little Girl, Little Miss, Miss, Toot. She in fact will call me Little Toot from time to time, its so funny.

Favorite Activities: Colouring, watching movies, going to movies in the theatre, playing at the park multiple times a day, dressing up like a princess when we have company, baking cookies, helping Justin do any sort of project, napping (HALLELUJAH!)

Favorite Foods: Pancakes, cereal, fries, chicken nuggets, cupcakes. Did I mention these were her ONLY foods? Yeah.

Least Favorite Foods: Cheese. WHAT KID DOESN'T EAT CHEESE?

Favorite Music: She loves rap, the song Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift, anything Disney, and lately she loves Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

Favorite Toy: Dress up stuff, ponies, Hannah Montana (which she calls Hannah 'Tana) cars, castles and dollhouses and the like.

Favorite Book: Her entire Little Critter collection, we read it nightly.

Favorite Item of Clothing: Her Disney princess nightgown that she wears for days on end. And large shirts that are mine.

What Makes Her Happy: Face to face attention time. Its something we focus on every day, making sure she gets time to have the floor and have someone to talk to one on one. She THRIVES on social situations, and she's wild. So anything engaging, she is so there.

What Makes Her Sad: When Justin leaves in the morning. She runs in my room asking "Where's Daddy?" and if he's already left, she wanders around and pouts.

Funny Words or Phrases: HAH! Where do I start? Addison hangs out with adults so often that her phrases are always funny because they are something an adult would say.
"Mama, you are too sweet."
"Too slow!" Complete with mocking finger pointing.
"Mama/Andrew/Dolly/whatever... I love you."
"Mama, I want you to be happy! Don't be loud at me!" (Guess when she says that?)

What a handful. I ventured to the mall with both of them on my own yesterday. It was pretty terrifying, but we lived. Love my babies!


J.T. and KristaLyn said...

How could a 3 year old not love "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. Love it, haha.

Uncle Rynie said...

Fave Uncle: Uncle Rynie

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