Monday, April 20, 2009

Do me a favour...

Next time I suggest taking my children to a department store on my own, suggest that I jump off of a cliff instead.

It would be infinitely less painful.

To combat a serious case of the Mondays, I loaded the kids up to go for a little shopping trip. But it was totally one of those days where there was NO WAY they were going to let me do it without a fight. Addison has entered a running phase, where the second I put her down, she takes off running. I can see her little ponytail go flying through the aisles and aisles of clothing, while I frantically call for her, trying not to sound like I've lost my child. "um, Addison, come here baby... Addison? ADDISON!" Meanwhile, Andrew, who is in his "either sleeping or hungry" phase, is starving to death, while I frantically look for somewhere that I can feed him. And then, Addison proceeded to attempt to steal M&Ms from the check out. YES. I was THAT mom today, guys. After strapping Addison into the car, she insisted that I "Talk nice, mommy. I'm a good girl, remember?" Actually no, I didn't really remember that when you were banging on some poor lady's changeroom door. But thank you for reminding me.

Super fun.

So we are home now, I have a headache from grinding my teeth for two hours, and I am wondering how ANYONE can handle more kids. I am sooo not cut out for mass motherhood.

Good thing they are cute.



Derek and Mary said...

First off, totally cute picture! Second, you are braver then me! I have yet to take all of my kids on my own. I either wait until my husband is home or for a day that my sister comes to visit. If it can't wait until then, I don't need it that bad!

Nathaly said...

That picture is so cute!!

And Diego can't be trusted not to run away either. Btw, a rap song came on the radio the other day and he was like, "Mommy, I like this song." Ahh, just another reason him and Addison are meant to be.

Jen said...

Ethan is runner too! I hate taking him with me! And changing rooms are great places to nurse--but I have to keep coloring or sticker books in the diaper bag so Ethan has something to do while I nurse!

Morgan and Derek said...

I hear you. Spencer is my runner. I have to keep him strapped in, which ticks him off. SUPER fun. I haven't ventured out with three kids alone yet... I'm scared.

GuppiesGalore said...

It totally gets better and easier with practice.

I take all 3 of my kids out all the time. They are kids, but the learn to behave in public and it gets better. Right now I have a 5yo, a 4yo and a 9 month old...but we've all been going shopping together since day one. I remember the disaster of our first trip out when my firstborn was 15 months and I had a newborn too. Now it's Old Hat.

Do you have a sling? That made all the difference for me with my can carry the wee one so that you have free hands for the older kid. It's easier to chase a toddler with a baby in a sling than in a stroller. LOL!

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