Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love Story


Last night the finale of 24 was on. There was a time when I watched 24. However, this season started while in the hospital, and my hospital room was declared a "no negativity zone" due to the high stress and general crappiness of me being there. So Justin would come over and watch it, while I played Nintendo DS. I played alot of Nintendo DS. Anyways, it was on last night, and of course Justin wanted to watch it, having kept up with the season while I occupied myself with something else.

While I was sitting on the couch with him BEING BORED, he finally suggested that I go get us some drinks. I think technically he meant at the nearest gas station, but somehow in the course of getting my keys, my bag and then changing my shorts because I'd had a major salad dressing malfunction earlier, I coughed that I *might* actually go shopping, as long as I didn't have the kids with me.

And thus began a glorious hour of kid freedom that allowed me to walk around an entire store and not have to a) find Addison hiding in the racks and racks and RACKS of clothes. b) locate an area for emergency nursing EVEN THOUGH Andrew has just eaten. c) Become acquainted with the facility washrooms because 3 years olds have to pee without warning.

It was lovely.

On the way home I remembered that the whole purpose for the trip was DRINKS! So I stopped at Sonic and ordered our regular cherry limeades. And then, what is this that I see? New MANGO limeades? Okay, I like mango things, I'll give it a try.


Those of you who have Sonics nearby, run, don't walk to them for one of these puppies. IT IS SO GOOD. I made Justin share his limeade with Addison, because that mango was MINE.

So a big thank you for Justin, who bravely volunteered to watch the finale of his favourite show with two kids climbing all over him to save me from boredom, thus causing me to discover the deliciousness that is a mango limeade. Also, I got a new shirt so... yeah.

AND!! When I got home, 24 was over, but the Bachelorette had just begun. Love life.


J.T. and KristaLyn said...

24 was good this year, you should have watched it.

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