Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another thing I love...

Have you guys ever heard of

It is this awesome, free tool that you can organize all of your accounts in one place and see where you are financially. It has been awesome for us, since we have separate accounts. K, relax, don't get all up in arms that separate accounts leads to divorce and all that jazz. For one, if we haven't divorced already, then I think we're pretty good. We've been through building a house, having an acardiac twin and a lot worse. Finances cause LESS of a problem with our separate accounts. We both have access to both accounts, and there's not a limit how much we can pull from either one, it's just that we each earn money are responsible for different expenses. Ie: Justin is responsible for the house, the car, the insurance and all utilities. I am responsible for shopping sprees. See? So great!

Anyhow, because of this, I take care of my account and Justin takes care of his, but with Mint, we can see ALL of our accounts, savings, chequing, even our home loan payments. You can even set your budget up through Mint and it will e-mail when you're getting close to maxing out your budget. For instance, I went over $9 in our shopping budget (for shame!) I got a nice little e-mail telling me to cool it. Which I may or may not have heeded. I especially have a don't ask don't tell kind of attitude to my money in general, which is terrible. Most of the time I don't even want to know what's in the account. With my Mint account, I don't have a choice, which has made me (ME!) more responsible.

Anyway, it's 100% changed the way I see our money, because its all out there in front of me and I can tell at a glance where my money is going. It even generates pie charts. I LOVE PIE CHARTS.

So give it a shot!



Uncle Rynie said...

You only like pie charts because they resemble actual pies... And you only like pies because they resemble cakes...

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