Monday, June 22, 2009

The Big Blowout

So, Saturday night we all wearily trooped in the house after being at the cabin for Friday night, and getting home in a huge rainstorm of epic proportions. As we walked in the house, Justin commented that it smelled like rain. Usually our house smells divine when it rains. Its made of log, so it gets this yummy damp forest smell that I loved. It did not smell divine. It smelled musty.

Justin had the sense to go check out basement, where he discovered that the rain had come down so hard and so fast that it built up in our window well and the pressure SMASHED the window in, and our basement was flooded with mud, water and sawdust.

Luckily, the basement is where I store EVERYTHING. Including pictures.

So after a group clean up effort involving THREE emptyings of the Shop-Vac, we set to work trying to save the photos. We brought them upstairs and laid them on every flat surface to dry, including our table, the coffee table, both end tables, the bar, the sofa table, all window sills and a couple of the chairs.

My house looked ridiculous.

We did however, save all of the pictures from Justin's mission, our dating escapades, and our engagement photos. So it was worth the ridiculousness.

And the water has since dried in the basement, leaving the floor covered in a fine layer of dirt.

Fun times, everyone!

The rest of the weekend was spent being glad that the basement isn't finished, complaining that every flat surface in the house not has square shaped dust laying on it, and playing outside because the house smelled.

Here's some cute pics!

Justin posing with his Father's Day tie and cookie that Addison made him. He also got that new hat he is wearing, his old one was getting pretty sad. What a good daddy. The cookie she made him was shaped like a foot, covered in green icing and decorated with licorice. LICORICE. Justin ate it without batting an eye. Say what you will, but that is the sign of a good pops.

Andrew being cute and round and drooly while checking out the festivities.

Addison playing baseball with her princess bat. YES EVERYTHING SHE OWNS MUST BE PRINCESS RELATED IN SOME WAY.

Me and Adds rolling around on the grass, playing What Time is it Mr. Wolf? Throwback to my childhood days when my parents had a straight up BAR in their basement and I used to play Mr. Wolf with my brothers in it.

Well, Monday commences. Addison had dance camp this morning and I'm already done work for the day, so I think I shall organize a picnic at the park to get the kids good and tired, and then take a simultaneous nap with them.

Also, Andrew slept for 11 hours straight last night. So yeah. My baby is awesome.


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