Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Update: Cuteness OVERLOAD

This weekend was so good!

Justin and I decided that we would do something fun and just for Addison this weekend. She's been such a trooper through the whole hospital stuff and Andrew being there, and then being a good sister that we just felt like she should have a day all about her. I found out about this Princess Festival, which is run by a charity and they bring little girls to this place that has a castle and a ballroom and a log cabin and take them on an adventure with all of the princesses, so we signed Addison up for it on Saturday and took her. It was so much fun. The place was filled with little girls all dressed up, and Addison loved running around with the princesses and saving them. They charity that does this is AMAZING and it was worth every penny - all of the money raised goes to charity too. Anyways, here's the pics!

Addison dancing with Prince Daddy in the gazebo.

In the carriage.

With Snow White... who looked like SNOW WHITE for real lol. And she looked just like my friend Manda.

With Belle and the transformed Beast.

Cinderella. Addison had a mild heart attack when Cinderella appeared at the ball.

Dancing at the ball... they taught all of the girls a dance.

Cinderella cleaning up after her stepsisters in the castle.

The prince trying to save Rapunzel.

Addison in the dwarve's cabin.

Me and Addison in the balcony of the castle.

Addison on the royal throne.

Posing in her princess dress. I let her wear eyeshadow and she was SO HAPPY.


We'll do just about anything for this girl...

So it was a super successful weekend in that respect. I also took her to her first dance class today. I stayed just to make sure she was alright and she was practically kicking me out the door. But I did sneak a peek at all of the little girls in their tutu's dancing and I nearly ate my arm it was so cute.

Anyhow, sorry for the lack of posting. I have been on my deathbed sick with sinusitis, and I STILL haven't kicked it. Its been like 6 days of pure agony. But I had to hop on and post those cute pics!


Manda said...

It's me! :)

Addison is so cute decked out in her princess outfit. That looked like so much fun.

Derek and Mary said...

That looks like so much fun! Where was it at? Keyleigh would love that!

Morgan and Derek said...

Wow, that does look like Manda. Like a lot. SO freaking adorable.

Nathaly said...

Wow, Manda has a twin!

So so so so cute. I would eat my arm, too.

Chavah Kinloch said...

That looks like so much fun!! (for me hehe) I'm sure my daughter would love it too. Cute photos!

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