Friday, June 5, 2009

Why I hate people...

So I know it's Friday and its usually confessional day, but since I was crappy with posting this week I *just* did one so I'm going to let it seep in for another week. Never fear, that means a whole week of thinking up weird things about myself. Anyhoo...

So yeah, here is a quick note about why I hate people. It all started back when I was a teenager. My first job, at age 15, was at a Deli. People were so rude and insufferable, I vowed never to work in the public again, and also vowed to be exceptionally nice to anyone working in a service-related job (unlike some people *cough*mymom*cough*). Of course, now I work from home and never have to see anyone, and it is a DELIGHT. For a while, I even stopped hating people. In general, I only hate people who are inconsiderate, because for all of my sarcasm and crankiness (WHICH IS TOTALLY JUSTIFIED), I am always worried about being considerate and expect the same out of decent human beings.

Until LAST NIGHT. We went down after dinner to get Sno Cones. I know that sounds weird to anyone living outside of Utah, but here there are Sno Cone Shacks everywhere. And there is this one reallllllly good one in town that we love to go to like, every night. I know you're like really? Sno Cones? But you have to understand, these are not like, crappy circus Sno Cones. They are the huge, Hawaiian style ones. They douse them in sugar and cream and it is heaven.

So, we loaded up in the car and drove down last night. There was a HUGE crowd outside, which is normal because it's a really good Sno Cone Shack, and once you find a good one, you stick with it. So I got Addie out of the car and Justin waited with Andrew. And waited. And waited. There are two windows and tow lines, and there was a really annoying couple in front of me straddling the lines. You know what I mean? Like he stood in one and she stood in the other, and they were planning on going to whichever line got to the front first. Strike one. Just pick a line. If you have to wait thirty seconds more, then so be it. Don't be shady with your line choosing.

THEN! After waiting, I kid you not, twenty five minutes, me holding a squirmy three year old, of course, the first line to get to the front was mine, so the girl stepped over to the window and did one of these:

"Hmmm I wonder what I should get?" REALLY? We just waited twenty five minutes and you didn't take the time to look at the giant flavor board and decide what you wanted? She then proceeded to ask the employee about every single flavor and how it tasted. WHY do you need to know what peach tastes like? IT TASTES LIKE PEACH. While she meandered, I stood shooting daggers at the back of head and wishing she would choke on her Sno Cone. Strike two.

THEN!!! She finally ordered, the girl made her Sno Cone and they walked away (after paying with a credit card which took another three minutes oh my gosh). I got up there and finally got to order Justin's grape Sno Cone, and my Red Raspberry with cream. The delight of my life. The girl shakes her head and said "Sorry, that couple got the last of the cream." Strike three.

Hate you forever, random Sno Cone cream bandits. If I ever see you out in public again I'm going to throw a sandwich at you. Watch your backs.

And THAT is why I hate people.

(Also, find me another person that can write an entire blog about Sno Cones PLEASE. I am either super neurotic or a genius.)


Morgan and Derek said...

In Kansas, there was an INCREDIBLE SnoCone shack and I swear we went there every day. I'm so sorry she stole your cream. :(

Carolyn said...

Lol, love the story. You're right, no one else could do it but you haha

Heidi Russell said...

Hey its Heidi (Debbies daughter). Dave gave me your blog website! That story is hilarious!! Your kids are darling!!

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