Wednesday, June 3, 2009

By the Sea, By the Sea

and by sea I mean aquarium. In a bid to do more traditional family type stuff, we shlepped the kids up to the aquarium over the weekend. Addison had a small heart attack from loving it so much, and Andrew was mildly interested. Of course, Andrew is also mildly interested in watching paint dry, so that's not a really good guage of whether he liked it or not.

I, however, saw seahorses. SEAHORSES ARE THE COOLEST THINGS EVER!!!

Addison, who wanted me to take a pic of her posing.

The A's in a show of brotherly sisterly love. Also, Andrew is wearing a HAT. Love!

Addison with a pretend octopus that she spent ten minutes being terrified of.

Trying to pet a manta ray.

Justin entertaining two kids at once. My hero!

Andrew DID like this big tropical fish tank. I asked the gift shop how much it would cost to put one in his crib, but it was a no go.

Petting manta rays. This one would come slurp up the wall like he wanted to be petted.

Me and Adds. It was suuuper dark in there!

It was good times. Next stop on our Traditional Family World Tour: The Zoo and/or the swimming pool. Dysfunctionals! They're just like US!


Carolyn said...

So do they have that new exhibit open there yet? We like going there, but for $10 I want that new exhibit! lol

And Andrew is a doll! I love how you call them the "A's" haha

J.T. and KristaLyn said...

Justin and the Octopus look almost identical

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