Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Confessional

YAY Justin has today off for the 4th, and he is cleaning out my car. Super fantastic! So I'd better get these confessionals done because I should help. Riiiiight.

-You know what I hate? people jamming Twitter down my throat 24/7. And make up Twitter words, like Tweeps and Tweet and oh my gosh I will punch the next person who uses those words. Facebook is PLENTY to know what people are up to.
-I thank my lucky stars every day that I am not famous. I shudder at all of the headlines about celebs gaining weight. Can you imagine if someone was photographing you while you were at the grocery store in your Saturday man-clothes? And then PUBLISHED IT for everyone to see? Horrifying, right? Not to mention that I have this theory where actors are just our monkeys... like they get paid to entertain us. They are the court jesters of the modern world. Just sayin'.
-I have learned, after 25 years, the art of being 100%, unabashedly happy for someone. I think when I was younger, a little bit of jealousness or snarkiness always crept in. But in my ripe old, quarter of a century age, I can honestly say I don't even have a smidgeon of that. When things go right for people I know, I am SO HAPPY for them. A friend of mine had a baby recently and I was about to cry I was so happy. And my two awesome friends are getting married this fall and I'm about to keel over with excitement. I've just learned to love when good things happen to just about anyone.
-I am very passionate about television shows that I like not getting cancelled. Like, to the point that even if I can't be around to watch the show, I will turn my tv on and leave it on the right channel, so that the rating gods think that I was watching it. That way, if it does get cancelled, it won't be my fault. I didn't do this with Reaper, and it got cancelled and I feel SO GUILTY.
-I have not consumed one thing today that had any nutritional value whatsoever. I've eaten 2 peanut butter cups, 2 fun size kit cats, a handful of Swedish Fish and half of a can of Diet, caffeine free pepsi, which is basically brown water. It is 10:30am. Its just one of those days.
-Addison and I spent all last night playing Chin People.

Have a good long weekend everyone! Tomorrow I am going to the Freedom Festival and getting GRILLED CORN and TEXAS TWISTERS. Ohhh come to mama.


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