Monday, July 13, 2009

Week-Long Update

K, so sorry for my lack of blog posting lately. Life has been insane. My poor fashion blog has tumbleweeds blowing through it, I know. Once I get things under control here I can start writing a little more.

Here are all of the things that happened in the last week:
-Celebrated Canada day with cheesy bacon fries and a failed picnic.
-My brother came to visit.
-We went to the Freedom Festival.
-We set of fireworks, almost lighting our house on fire. We also threw a lot of Snap Its at each other, which wasn't very nice.
-We blessed Andrew, which was pretty emotional, followed by a luncheon, which was pretty salad-y.
-Jonathan and I spent the day in Salt Lake going to every tourist. attraction. ever. Tiring!
-Brought Jonathan back to the airport to send him home to Canada.
-Went swimming multiple times.
-Found out my favorite Chinese joint shut down. RUDE.
-Ate pizza instead.
-Went fishing at the cabin. Wrangling a 5 month old baby on a boat isn't fun.
-Had a VERY romantic anniversary dinner at Wingers with two kids crawling on us. Sigh.
-Turned 25. Eek!
-Celebrated 6 YEARS of marriage. Barf.
Went hiking to The Grotto, a waterfall site near our house.

I am SO TIRED. Life is calming down now. With Andrew getting blessed, plus the birthday/anniversary, things were BANANAS (Shout out to my brothers who are in Guatemala and have started using the phrase unexpectedly.)

Addison getting her annual facepainting done. She gets SO SERIOUS.

Andrew and Addison at the Freedom Festival. We bought so much crap, Jonathan talked to some Africans, and then we ate grilled pizza. Heaven!

Only the cutest picture of a baby ever. He is so smooshy! I honestly pulled out some of his hospital pictures and got teary eyed because of how tiny and sickly he used to be. Now he is a big, chubby, happy baby who loves to talk and blow bubbles.

Ton (sorry, Ton is what I call Jonathan. It takes to long to type and it reminds me of how fat he was as a kid.) and I looking off the roof of the Conference Center. This is the Salt Lake Temple across the street.

A real life Angel Moroni! Look at how freakin huge it is. And it should be pointed out that Ton is roughly 9 feet tall... so its pretty impressive. He's single!! LADIES?????

Me and the kids on my big 2-5 birthday. Lets take a moment to point out how CRAZY ATTRACTIVE my shoes are. They are red t-straps with white piping, 4 1/2 heel. I'm adopting them as children.

Addison looking like Sideshow Bob at the Grotto. K, I did her hair all curly, and then we took the Jeep up the canyon and the top was off. Not good for curly hair.


Me and Andrew who loved slinging it all the way on the hike. It made his 400 lbs feel like nothing at all.

Justin and Addison walking across one of the bridges on the hike.

So now you see from photographic evidence that I haven't been sitting around at home, wishing that someone would update my blogs for me. Although I kind of do. Any takers?


Marci said...

I honestly couldn't stop staring at your shoes in that picture. Then I decided to read the caption below and BAM you mention the shoes! They are KILLER!

Morgan and Derek said...

Gorgeous shoes, seriously. Happy Birthday, happy anniversary! :)

Julia257 said...

When are you coming to visit? What a sweet little man, so cute:)

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