Monday, August 17, 2009

Just kidding...

I often joke that Andrew was switched at birth with another baby, or that we accidentally took the wrong baby home from the hospital. From his humble, 4lb beginnings, he has grown into a solid, happy, healthy baby. And he is just so darn BIG! The doctor tracks his progress as if his birthday had been his due date, March. 31st. If that's so, he eclipses all of the other babies his "age". He eclipses babies OLDER than him. I love love love it. He is sweet and content, and the worst mama's boy anyone has ever seen. Although, I knew that he would be. All of those weeks while I was in the hospital, and all of the weeks while Andrew was in the hospital, I knew that he would be my baby.

BUT, I can't joke about him being the wrong baby, because again, he looks just like Addison. He;s been getting more confident with playing while on his belly, and I snapped a picture the other day while he played.

The first is Addison at 6 month, the second is Andrew at 6 months. They are clearly related. Addison was darker as a baby ,and she has a little olive tone to her skin, while Andrew is fair, with reddish hair. When Andrew was born, he looked so much like Justin, but now he looks just like his sister.

I actually think it's pretty adorable.


J.T. and KristaLyn said...

I thought they were the same when I first looked at it. He is definately yours.

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