Friday, September 25, 2009

I Went on Summer Vacation and All I got Was This Lousy Blog Post: Part Four

Right after Labour Day we headed up to Canada. I was so-so-so nervous about flying with both kids all by my lonesome, since Justin was staying behind to earn a living or something like that. I loaded a bag full of movies, coloring books and treats and took many deep breaths. I've taught myself to never rush the kids. It makes me frazzled and cranky and them bewildered. So I got everywhere early, took my sweet, sweet time and got to Canada in one piece. It was a lot of work ,I'm not going to lie.

But it was worth it to watch Uncle Rynie let Addison dress him up in a pink wig, complete with pom poms.

And to play with the kids at the park where I grew up. Well, I didn't GROW UP at the park. But, you know what I mean. HISTORY and stuff. PS yes, I am wearing my cowboy boots.

Addison playing corner store. At her store, hot dogs are $1.00, and ice cream is $3.

Andrew being his goobery adorable self. He loved it up there. 100% attention 24/7.

Addison walked up to my dad's motorcycle and was like "Mom... I like this." I was like yeah that's just great... lets start her early on that kind of thing.

I've got more pictures a-comin! Sit tight!


Bonnie said...

So did you say you were coming back again in October??? I'll make you peameal bacon...

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