Monday, September 28, 2009

I Went on Summer Vacation and All I got Was This Lousy Blog Post: Part Five

Yes. This is STILL going. Apparently we had a lot of fun on our vacation.

So, next up is the wedding. My super awesome friends, Steve and Meghan were married on Sept. 12th, and there was no way I would miss it. Steve has been one of my besties since high school days, when we had weekly meet ups at the pizza place for gossip. Even now, when I haven't been living back home for almost SEVEN (omg) years, we usually always carve out a time when I come home to visit to eat and gossip. Also, Steve never forgets Addison's birthday and she still carries around the last birthday card that he and Meghan sent to her. It sings "Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid when she opens it, and she still thinks it's the coolest thing she's ever owned.

ANYhow, I decided to get Addison gussied up and take her to the ceremony, since she'd never seen a big to-do formal wedding with the aisle and the procession and I thought she'd like it. She's still telling everyone back here that she went to a WEDDING.

It was a gorgeous wedding. I deposited Addison back at home with Gigi and Andrew and then headed off to the reception. So much fun. I loved catching up with all of my friends that I don't always get a chance to see. It was like I never left at all. They are the best. Also, the majority of pictures here are stolen from their Facebook profiles. GOOD FRIENDS.

Here's a barrage of pictures for you. (Click on the pictures for larger-scale cuteness compliments of my daughter.)

My mom insisted we take pictures before we drove off in my orange rented Kia Rio. Also, I thought it would be a good idea to wear literally 5" heels for the first time. While they looked good, they hurt like a mother and I changed into different shoes for the reception.

Look how TALL I am! I had a hot dress, yet no noticeable tan. Probably because I vacation in CANADA.

Addison also had a hot dress. She was pretty happy about showing it off.

Me and Addison waiting at the ceremony. I sat in a pew behind everyone because....

I knew this was bound to happen. It was naptime and Addison is classy.

My friends were so sweet to Addison and she was happy to oblige with some pics. This is my cool friend Mikey. We bond over macaroni salad and a shared love of Andy Samberg and Erin McDougall.

My pretty friend Amanda with Adds.

Most of the girls from my table at the reception. Andrea, Kristen, Melissa, Me and Amy. Love 'em!

Me and Steve, man of the hour. Fun fact: his last name is Stronge, and they had a signature drink at the reception called the Mega-Strong. Get it? Meghan Stronge? LOVE. Word on the street was that it was actually mega strong.

Hanging out in the reception area sampling really good stuff off silver trays. Like honestly, they were coming around every five seconds and I was not being very ladylike. This is my OTHER friend Steve and his fiancee. They're getting married next week, YAY. And Brad, who I mostly just bullied into making sure that I had someone to dance with all night.

And Mike makes another appearance... it would be about 2 a.m. in this picture. I am very tired. I drove out of the reception center and got totally lost in my own hometown. In my defense, it looks totally different than when I lived there. But I still felt like an idiot. PS Mikey wears his sunglasses at night.

Cutest couple of life. They went to PROM together seven years ago. I KNOW. I die. Another fun fact, they had their pictures taken at the mansion from the movie, Billy Madison. Yeah, that's in Canada too. JEALOUS?

Oh! I do have some pics from hanging out with my brothers, Ryan and Jonathan the night before we left. We went to the mall during the day and took the kids to the park while it was dark out for reasons I'm not quite sure of.

A book Ton ('s a bad childhood nickname that he can't shake) and I found at the kid's educational store. Really? THAT'S how you explain it. I would say it's a really good way to turn a kid off reading FOREVER.

Ton in a picture that Addison took. LADIEEEEES! He's SINGLLLLLE! Hahaha. Sorry Ton.

Ryan helping Addison do the monkey bars. I would like to know when I got too old to attempt these anymore. I fell right to the ground. I'm graceful.

Me being artistic. That's Ryan by the lake and the lights in the background is the Toronto skyline. So pretty. Not Ryan, the skyline. Alright... Ryan too.

Poppy getting his daily workout by carrying Andrew everywhere.

Me and Adds. Sitting down by the water. In the dark.

Ryan walking both Addison and his mastiff Deacon at the same time. That's talent!

Addison and Andrew playing on the flight home. We had rows to ourselves for every flight and it was lovely.

Ahh, there you have it. I still have pictures from Lake Powell on tap, but that was pretty much my trip to Canada. I flew home with the kids on Tuesday, and they were peaches on the plane. PEACHES. Andrew slept and Addison watched a movie and I actually read TWO magazines. I came home to Justin, who I harrassed all the way home about the absence of a welcome home banner, and to flowers on the table. I felt like a schmuck but he likes me anyways. I think he was really just tired of having a quiet house all to himself. While it sounds like a vacation to me, he prefers the chaos that me and the kids give him. I don't know why. You might have noticed, he's not a big talker. I think he just likes listening to the rest of us instead.

The next day we packed up and went to Lake Powell, so I've still got more. I KNOW, RIGHT? How could there be more after this grand-daddy of a post, but I assure you, there is still more fun involved with waking up the next morning and packing to leave for CAMPING.

Good times.


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Jonathan won't be single long with all that black hair on his arms...

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true story, I thought the hair was possibly a tribal tattoo... sorry bro.

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