Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internal Monologue

**An actual conversation I had with MYSELF while doing my hair yesterday. This was in my head. Not out loud. Pshh. What do you think I am, crazy? And then I was like wow. I need to post this on my blog so that people can understand 1) my vanity and 2) how my mind works. Enjoy.

Me: So you know what I hate? Birthdays.
Me2: I KNOW, right? Like, everyone freaks out when they hear I got married on my birthday, but little do they know it's just my way of trying to sneak my birthday under the rug.
Me: So true, so true. Like, how uncomfortable are birthdays?
Me2: Everyone looking at you, and giving you presents, and then looking at you expectantly to see if you like said presents. It's so awkward.
Me: I hate attention.
Me2: No you don't.
Me: You're right. I just hate birthday attention. It's so unsolicited.
Me2: But you like other attention.
Me: That's true. Like when I get dressed up and look good and then I'm like HEY LOOK AT ME.
Me2:................. ..............So basically, what you're saying is you only like attention that you've solicited yourself?
Me: Well... I'm a good salesperson.

WHO THINKS LIKE THIS? I am talking to myself here. Again. It's a good thing I find myself so interesting.


*~Vera (loyal follower) said...

you are a strange girl. funny. but strange.

Sheriece said...

Jae, I love you. :)

Morgan and Derek said...

I have conversations with myself constantly. good to know if I'm crazy than you are too.

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