Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Update

Our weekend was quiet, but still good. I love the ones where we just mess around and don't do anything in particular. I took a ton of picture (how come I won't take any pictures for like, a month, and then take a bajillion at once? Weird.)

Andrew was clearly tuckered out by our hardcore partying on Friday night. I painted teacups with Addison and the excitement was far too much.

But then!! He woke up to try his first piece of licorice. Red Vines are awesome. Dirty kids make me squeamish.

Addison decided it would be a good time to take her pants off and wear my slipper. PS my desk is messy... Justin promised to build me a new bookshelf one of these days.

Why hello newly clean, adorable baby! Would you like to barf on the dirty couch some more?

Addison likes to take my camera and take pictures of me, so I turn my camera on and there is 345 pictures just like this one. Also a few of her Barbies.

On Saturday we were all ready to go to the Zoo. On the way up there, we decided it was too much of a production and decided to head up the canyon instead. The fall is so. pretty. here. Here we are headed up the road to the lake.

I got Justin to stop while I plucked off individual leaves here for "crafts" with Addison. A car came up behind us and was no impressed. WHO goes up a canyon to actually get somewhere fast?

The very cold lake... looking very cold.

Me and Addison huddled to stay warm. Look how red my nose is! There was snow up there!

Me and the babies out on the pier. It had a hole in it. Very scary.

Andrew loves to be outside. I'm afraid I'm going to lose him and Justin come next fall.. .they'll be off shooting things.

Justin with his kidlings.

Me realizing our family is too big for selfies. And I have squinty eyes.

Andrew loving his all-terrain stroller. This thing took on hiking trails, it was awesome.

Addison kept her Ariel doll toasty warm in her sweater. Also, she's standing next to the hole because I am a proactive parent.

We also went off to a friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner (I'm Canadian, remember) and it was delish! It was good to have someone head it up this year, since I'm usually appointed chief turkey-maker.

So we're back to life now. Andrew and I have colds (if it seems like we've been sick a lot lately, it's because we have.) and so today was appointed official rest day. Of course, Andrew understood "rest" as "Get up at 5:30 am and laugh like a madman in his crib until I woke up. Sigh.) I'm gunning for soup and a nap this afternoon. Wish me luck!


Bonnie said...

yay!!!! More pictures! Love those little kids...oh and you and Justin too. :)

Uncle Rynie said...

Your family is not too big for "selfies"... Your arms are simply too short.

Next time get Justin to do it.

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