Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Confessional

We're taking Addison to see Disney Princesses on Ice tonight. I took her once before when she was just tiny, but I think she's pretty much going to die this year. Plus we scored tickets in the 9th row. Partaaaaay like a cartoon. So here's a quick confessional!

-I routinely mix up Robert Redford and Ronald Reagan. I KNOW. I consider myself a generally smart and educated person, but I can never remember which is which. Something about Ronald Reagan once being an actor throws me off every time!
-I hate doing that walk of shame when you go to your mailbox only to find there is nothing there. Like, I put on my shoes, wander out to the mailbox, cars are whizzing by, and... nothing. So embarrassing. At least junk mail would make me look important.
-I always count backward from 100 in order to fall asleep. When I was 17 I had plastic surgery.... on my hand, relax, and when I was being put under, the anaesthesiologist had me count backward from 100 to fall asleep. Even though I don't have the drugs, I've done it ever since.
-I have a ridiculous crush on Conan O'Brien. Like, a leave your husband crush. I think funny guys are the best. Plus I really like his hair and tallness.
-I am officially declaring it Christmas in the Curtis household. It snowed last night and I am feeling very holidayish. I had the music on today without even feeling guilty, and all of the decorations are going up tomorrow. Please, I live in a LOG HOUSE. It was BUILT for Christmas decorations, and I am going to milk whatever I can from the holidays so that my house looks all festive.

Ahh I am so excited it's the weekend! And GARLAND and LIGHTS and RIBBON. I shall take pics and return and report.


Bonnie said...

Take lots of pictures of your excursion...oh yeah and pictures of the house that I will see in count em' 5 weeks!

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