Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Too Early for Christmas?

K, so on Saturday morning, after straggling in late the night before from the princesses on ice dealie, we were awakened by SNOW. Tons of snow, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that my house as going to be decorated that weekend. Again, I already had MY Thanksgiving back in October, so I am in Christmas mode right after Halloween. I held off as long as I could, but my house looks so freakin' pretty all done up for Christmas, so I had to. I'm sorry, scrooges (like my husband) I couldn't resist. And all week I've been working while listening to the Nutcracker Suite channel on Pandora and I am just DYING for American Thanksgiving to be over with so I can start shopping like a madwoman.

But first, pics from the show. Addison got all dressed up in her Snow White costume and demanded I put make up on her. I obliged because I think it's really fun to put make up on three year olds. In retrospect, I wish we hadn't told her where we were going, beacuse it was an hour away and she asked every five minutes if were were at the princess show yet. It got a leetle tedious. She loved it of course. We snagged good seats and she would freak out at the beginning of each princess' story. And then, when Justin and I would try to ask her what was happening, she would wave us off and hiss "I want to watch it!!!"

That's my girl.

I had to take all of the pics in the dark, alongside of her because she wouldn't turn for TWO SECONDS to let me take her pic. She also ate her weight in popcorn and bought a stupidly expensive light thingy that whirls around and is generally a menace to society.

This is her scared/excited face when the "mean witch" came out.

This was pure excitement when Mushu the dragon appeared. I was pretty sure she thought he was a rock star.

Finally stopping to take a picture. Can I note how FREEZING it was in there, especially after I ate three scoops of ice cream?

And then, the house decorations!! Don't they make you feel all warm and festive inside? I can't walk downstairs without belting out a verse of "Let it Snow".

I swear, it looks like Santa's workshop in here.

Justin and Addison made this centerpiece while I shook my head on the sidelines. But now I kind of like it.

So I've officially kicked off my holiday season! Less than two weeks till the shopping Olympics known as Black Friday, and then all bets are off.

Please tell me I'm not the only one totally jumping the gun here.


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