Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Very Late Halloween Post

So I know everyone in the blogging world had Halloween pictures up like three days ago, but things were crazy around here. My mom came down for the weekend for a quick trip to take the kids trick or treating, so we were off wandering the streets in search for candy that there is no way Addison will ever eat.

We're working on it.

Anyway, this year we dressed the kids up at like NOON and took them over to the mall. from there we went on a little Main Street-type trick or treat and a trunk or treat, followed by trick or treating to our neighbors because they save the good candy for us. I was SO OVER IT come 9pm, but Addison was excited enough.

In true NFL lovers style, we dressed Andrew up as a Chargers player, and Addison a Chargers cheerleader. And it worked out because people gave them extra treats if they were fans. AWESOME.

My camera died like, one second into the picture taking. If you ever want to see my lose it like a rageaholic, leave my camera on all night long so it isn't ready to take pictures of holidays where children wear costumes. OMG I almost killed everyone. We did okay with the Blackberry though.

Me and the kids before we commenced the Halloween marathon. Click the pic enlarged to see Andrew's AWESOME black lines under his eyes. I had to wipe them off shortly after because he managed to smear it into his mouth somehow.

We also did some time with MY favorite Halloween tradition... WAX LIPS!

True story. I ate them. They didn't taste as good as my eight year old self remembered them. Boo to being an adult.

Truthfully, I am just glad Halloween is over so I can slowly inch toward Christmas. I *might* be planning on putting up my tree next week. Don't judge me.


Sheriece said...

I'm roaring with delight at the pics of Andrew and Addison wearing wax lips! I don't know if I've ever seen anything so hillarious.

Brooke said...

You are allowed to put Christmas up early, your canadian! We weren't raised with that nonsense date restriction on decorating. I am thinking of putting mine up soon too!

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