Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Sorry the lack of posting. My internet connection has been BALLS lately and I can't get a connection to stay up and running long enough for me to post pics and whatnot. But it seems okay now, knock wood, and I have some pics from our weekend for you to goo over.

Justin got off work a little early on Friday, and Addison is ALWAYS bugging us to go to the dinosaur museum, so off wewent. We've been there roughly a bajillion times, but Justin had never been. He wanted to stop and look at all of the exhibits and read plaques while I just powered through to the water table. Like, MOVE IT! But two hours later, we were done, armed with crappy souvenirs and ready to crash at home.

Me and Addison with the obligatory cave picture.

Addison hugging the leg of a "long neck". She says that Littlefoot is her buddy. I'm fairly sure she's not supposed to be doing this.


Adorable sibling pic! Love!

Andrew taking some time out of the stroller to play with the dinosaurs. How fat is he?

Addison and Daddy in front of the.... stegosaurus? I have no idea.

Addison being fed to the t-rex...

...and the sharks. I dream about it some days when she has asked be for chocolate milk the billionth time.

Okay, so this was today... not the weekend. But this is my daughter ASLEEP in the shopping cart with groceries piled on her. The poor bagger was going to put the stuff in the cart and then realized there was a child asleep in there and just stared at my awkwardly. I was like "Meh, just pile them on top. If she can't breathe she'll wake up."

Classy lady!


kemery755 said...

Uhh, that's a Triceratops. Autumn saw this picture and says, "Look! It's Sara!"

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