Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Update: Bowling for Preschoolers

On Saturday night, as we were all hanging around doing precisely nothing, our good friends the Wally Wahlins (obviously NOT their real names, but what we call them regardless) called us up to see if we were up for some kid friendly activities. Since we literally had nothing planned, we obliged, and bundled the kids up against the cold to bring them to a pirate-themed kids play place/ restaurant. We talked it up so much on the way over that Addison was peeing her pants with excitement, screaming "I SEE A PIRATE FLAG!" roughly 67 times.

We met up with our friends and walked in, and the place was a madhouse. No, madhouse doesn't quite describe the scene. Loony bin? Closer. Anyway, there were people and kids running around EVERYWHERE and I, the obsessive claustrophobic, was about to throw up. That's what we get for trying to do anything in this town on a Saturday night. WHY DO PEOPLE IN UTAH HAVE SO MANY CHILDREN? Really now.

After a quick pow wow, we decided that bowling was in order, and would hopefully be less crowded. The first bowling alley we tried, because we thought it would be cheaper and less crowded, quoted us $60 for two games of bowling. Riiiight. We had to have yet another pow wow, where wee wondered if we lived in an alternate universe where bowling was actually cool, and therefore very expensive. We tried another bowling alley, and for $15 we were set.

K, let me explain something to you. Bowling with three year olds is cute, but also frustrating and very time consuming. Each turn lasts about five minutes, what with the "I WANT TO DO IT MYSELF" and the slow moving bowling balls that stop just a hair before they hit a pin.

After an hour and a half, I had screamed myself hoarse in shouting "YAY" to encourage Addison, who also thought that since I helped her with each turn, she should help me. It was the lowest scoring bowling game of all time. I think I won with a whopping 90.

By the end of the night, we were very tired, and Addison was exceedingly smug of her bowling capabilities.

So to sum up our experience. Bowling is not cool enough to cost $60. Preschoolers are very slow. I am the best bowler because I beat two three year olds and one adult. Bowling makes me hungry.


Dan & Celeste said...

Not to mention the short attention span of my 3 three year old, who also loves to throw tantrums in the middle of the bowling ally. Yeah, that was fun. We need to do something with the adults, maybe we can have a real game of bowling:)

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