Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Streak Free Shine

Justin didn't want me to post this, but it was way too funny not too.

The other day, we were getting ready for church when I realized I was out of detangler for Addison's hair. Panic ensues, because she has the WORLDS thickest hair and it's curly and out of control, and if I brush it without detangler, she has a meltdown and I threaten to shave her bald.

Also, can I point out the MADHOUSE that our home becomes when we have church? We run around like lunatics, trying to make us all look presentable. An amazing feat for a family of four. My rule of thumb is a half hour ready time for each person in the family. Which would be helpful, but we usually sleep in and have 45 minutes to throw ourselves together, before we show up for church fashionably and irreverently late, and are sentenced to sitting on the hard chairs on the back row on the clackety hardwood.

I love peaceful Sunday mornings.

So I called to Justin to see if he would get the spray bottle I keep downstairs for Addison's hair. I figured I would just dump some conditioner and water, shake it around and voila! Detangler. "Justin!" I yelled. "Can you grab the blue spray bottle from underneath the sink?"
"Blue? All that's down there is the Windex bottle"
"Yes, blue. There is a blue spray bottle, I promise"

I sat there with Addison, waiting. I could hear Justin in the kitchen braving the cavernous hole that is the area under our sink, but then I could also haer the sink running. I had no idea what he was doing, since the spray bottle I use for Addison's hair is only like, five inches tall and was empty. I yelled down to him. "Did you find it?"
"Yes. Just a second." So I sat, waiting on the bed with Addison's hair in my hand, ready to brush it. Finally, Justin started up the stairs and into our room, where he held up the Windex bottle. He'd dumped out all of the solution and washed it out with dish soap so that it was clean for our lovely daughter's hair. Of course, I first yelled at him, then laughed hysterically. What the heck??? WHY would he get the Windex bottle? Why do men lack the gene that causes them to know anything about hair?

(This all brought to mind a time when I was eight, and my mom was gone somewhere. I had dance class, and it was the rule that you had to have your hair in a bun to go. My poor dad fumbled with my hair until it was in a bun, whereupon I looked in the mirror, burst into tears and refused to go. He agreed.)

So, since we were pressed for time and I didn't have 30 spare seconds to run downstairs and get the spray bottle, I filled the Windex bottle up with water and conditioner, and used it on Addison's hair. It smelled faintly of clean windows, but it worked all the same. And to tell the truth, that was two weeks ago and I have used the Windex bottle on her hair almost every day since then. What can I say? I don't clean enough and just using the Windex bottle has to count for something. I'm sure, though, if someone looked in our windows while I did Addison's hair in the morning, they would call CPS on us for child abuse.


Diamond said...

I think it's also pretty darn sweet that he took the time to wash out the bottle. Good man. Great story.

Carolyn said...

Ok, best detangler EVER is this- fill up your bottle with HOT water, and pour some conditioner in. It's like 1 TBS for every 8 oz, or something. Let it dissolve, and shake it up, and wah-lah! You will never run out again, and it works great!!

Sheriece said...

It is a testament to the chaos of Sunday morning and his love for Addison that my brother actually poured something that costs money down the sink. :)

What a good boy, I'm glad you've got him well trained - hee hee!

Justin said...

WAIT WAIT WAIT... We had 1 spray bottle, and it was blue.. and I asked her if it was the Windex.. AND SHE SAID YES. Why else would I dump out Windex? Sometimes you talk to Jacqueline.. and she completely phases out. She will tell you it's true. If she denies it, she is a liar.

Bonnie said...

I believe Justin's story...but on the other hand I learned from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" that any ailment even psoriasis can be cured by using Windex.

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Oh my gosh Jae, that is soooo funny, lol.

Crystal Escobar said...

Lol, that is so funny!
Thanks for visiting my blog, love your sense of humor :)

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