Monday, February 1, 2010

Circus, Circus

Last week we had the brilliant idea to take the kids to the circus. We had a couple of free passes and thought you know what? Going to a circus is what a normal family would do, so what the heck?

The circus started at 7:30, so we left early to get some food on the way. We dilly-dallied around, figuring that there couldn't be THAT many people going to the free circus on a Wednesday night.

Then I forgot what state I live in. The state FILLED with people who will trample their own grandmother for a free tube of toothpaste. As we drove into the parking lot, without tickets in hand, we started to panic. There was literally a bajillion (I COUNTED!) people there, all heading in and all with pre-bought tickets. CRAP. So, parking a mile away from the doors, we proceeded to lug the kids at full speed ahead. Remember of course that Andrew is "portly" and by "portly" I mean roughly the size and weight of a baby calf. But since he is technically three pounds lighter than his sister who is three years his elder, I took him while Justin hoisted Addison up. We ran. I am out of shape and wanted to die. I complained.

The line inside to buy tickets was MASSIVE and we got into the arena a cool 20 minutes into the circus. Luckily we didn't miss the elephants, just some hoochie hula hoop girls.

It was a fun night. I thought Andrew would be ticked off because he likes to go to bed as early as humanly possible, but he sat quietly through the whole thing, entirely entertained by the spotlights above our head. I realized I am much to old for the circus, as all of the death defying acts now make me concerned rather than amazed.

At intermission, Addison and I spotted a cotton candy lady down on the floor and went chasing after her. Justin sat in the stands and tried to direct us, but we still didn't find her. Finally we ran out to the concession stands and somehow ended up with a large inflatable tiger on a stick, cotton candy and Powerade. Stupid circus and it's stupid novelty items.

They had lots of those little fabric climbing dealies. The music was "Holding Out for a Hero" which I sang along with in an embarrassingly loud voice. They were dressed like Super Women. Addison nearly passed out from sheer joy.


Andrew and Justin are made from the same stock. Nothing impresses them too much, but they'll eat the cotton candy anyway.


Uncle Rynie said...

Circus? Why does it look like the gymnasium of Southwood park public school?

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