Monday, March 22, 2010

Rural Times

So, I don't *really* live in the country. There are a few farms around, and there's only like 2,000 people in my town, but it's close enough to civilization that I typically feel like I have the best of both worlds. Especially on gloriously warm spring days when I have nothing to do, and I realize there's a working farm I can visit with my little spawn in the hopes of instilling good, old-fashioned home values in them.

Anyway, these "Look what I did with my kids" type postings are pretty annoying, but whatever. MY MOM LIKES IT! And my mom once broke a guy's arm (true story) so in general, I try to please her when I can.

Before we went though, a trip to Noodles and Co! Oh how I worship a place that makes mac and cheese for me! PS my baby is handsome, jealous?

Addison in the miniature dance hall. I would take a picture of her dancing, but remember the scene from Mean Girls when the girls walk into Regina's house and her little sister is booty dancing in front of the TV? Yeah. That. Also, ignore her saggy pants. She is tall enough for 4s but has to wear 3s because she is malnourished and such. What is a mother to do?

Aaaand the county jail. Hilarious. Although this picture makes me a little sad, because I'm starting to see how she'll look as she gets older. Not the jail part. The prettiness part.

We definitely tried a little horsie ride. All of the horses were ponies except for the one Addison chose, of course. Go big or go home. I tried to be all cool and comfortable-seeming around the horse and was patting his nose, and he made one flinch toward me and I practically dove for the side of the O.K. Corral here.

I'm a dog person.

I did convince her to ride this baby horse the second time around. Baby horses, also known as ponies, can't reach my face to bite it off. We like this one.

Next step, finding more stuff to do now that the weather is nice. I feel like I have a layer of hibernation fat on me from being a slug all winter long, and swimsuit season is terrifyingly close. A stroll around the farm won't do much, of course, but it could net me a good tan.


Dan & Celeste said...

So are you at Thanksgiving point? I know it's pretty cheap to get in, but we have a pass there so we can get you in for half off. We've been there a lot these past couple of months, call if you ever want to go again. That includes almost anything at Thanksgiving point.

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