Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Confessional

I so very much need a weekend. Sick baby + me = me wanting to jump off a cliff.

-I don't own the following household items: A pizza cutter, an ice cream scoop and an ironing board. And it's so weird, but I never even considering getting them because I've been married for almost seven years and have done without them, right?
-After I've had a conversation with someone, I painstakingly play it over in my head to make sure there weren't any awkward parts, or places when my often judgmental statements may have offended someone. More often than not, there is one or both of these.
-I have an intimate relationship with my computer. If something happens to it, I go into full-on panic mode and freak out.
-My little brother says I overreact in certain situations. I never believed it until this past year as I noticed that I freak out a lot in the car. Like if a rock hits the window, I definitely will scream. It's really unnerving for whoever is driving.
-Zombie movies scare me, yet interest me at the same time.
-I get mad when I see someone driving stupidly and they already have a big dent in the car. Like really? You didn't learn the first time (OBVIOUSLY I make a snap judgment that it is all their fault).
-I eat a spinach, walnut, cranberry, bleu cheese salad three times per week. OMG I really, really enjoy it. I want one now.
-I justify my crappy eating the rest of the week because of those frequent salads. As in, "oh, I had a salad yesterday. YAY! I can have a Big Mac!"
-I still draw people, cats, dog, birds and ice cream cones the same way I did as a child. And ice cream cones and birds are the exact same shape. I am terrible with art.

Happy weekend everyone!


Christine said...

Hey, did you know that pizza cutters are AWESOME for cutting pancakes? It seriously saves so much time & hassle when I make pancakes for my 3 boys if I can zip zip & have the pancakes cut in such a short time. So I say, get the pizza cutter, but only use if for pancakes (and waffles & french toast). :)

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