Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Box Karaoke FTW!

So while I was at home in Canada, I was able to try out something super awesome and amazing - box karaoke. Now, box karaoke is where you basically rent out a room with just your friends and you have your own system, are able to choose your own songs. So you can sing your heart out without the embarrassment and waiting for other people to go. Seriously. Watching people sing is embarrassing, am I right? It makes me feel awkward and wrong.

Anyway, me and my brother rounded up our best friends, respectively, and headed to Korea town for some good old karaoke fun. It. Was. Epic.

Now, you need to understand something about box karaoke. It only works if you really, really dedicate yourself to the songs. I mean belting them out. When we left I could barely talk because I ACTUALLY thought I was Alicia Keys for a while.

Another thing I learned about myself? I am a TERRIBLE rapper. The worst. For some reason it all comes out with a Jamaican accent.

We originally only went for one hour, which turned into 90 minutes, which turned into two hours. We sang pretty much every song ever. Here were some of the highlights.

Paparazzi by Jae and Katie
Ring the Alarm by Balynn
Hey, Soul Sister by J and K
Empire State of Mind by J an Dallin
My Goodies by J and B
Graduation Song by D and B
Unwritten by J, K and B
Live Like We're Dying by D
You Know What It Is by J and D (this was an embarrassing mess of a song. Turns out, I'm not a rapper.)
If You Could Read My Mind by J, B, and K
Like a Prayer by J and K
Body Language by J and D
Imma Bee by D
Tik Tok by B and J (most epic song of life... we impersonated Ke$ha the entire time)
From a Distance and several other really odd songs by K and B

It was the funnest ever. I can't ever do anything like that with Justin, who eschews karaoke fastidiously so I had to get my crazies out. We were literally the only white people for miles, but the Koreans loved us anyway.

Also, we went for Korean food afterward, and the dumplings rocked my world. Pretty much in love with the whole night.

Here are some awesome pics from the adventure that was box karaoke. And yes, I will be doing it again. In my bathroom.

Dallin gets the party started with some Black Eyed Peas. He looks like he might eat the microphone. It was late and we were pretty hungry.

The girls get pretty serious when it comes to Natasha Bedingfield, let me tell you.

Dallin and Balynn (yes, my brother and his bff have rhyming names... I KNOW, RIGHT?) belt it out to Vitamin C, who I forgot even existed.

Katie and I take some time out from being rock stars to take a pretty picture. Love this girl, we've been friends since we were 10. They don't make 'em like this anymore!

Moral of the story? I love Koreans. Box karaoke is fun. I rap with a Jamaican accent.

The end.


Uncle Rynie said...

Vitamin C?!?!?!?! WOw. Why haven't I done that before?!?

I have been tuning into 98.1 "Lovers & Other Strangers" nightly to add to my karaoke classics... Recently added, Faith HIll - This Kiss AND Vanessa Carlton - 1000 Miles.

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