Saturday, June 12, 2010

She Inherited My Knowledge of Sports

Justin is watching the basketball game.

Addison: Hey dad, which one do we cheer for?

Justin: The white guys. (He means this in a completely uniform-type way. He is not racist. Trust me, when it comes to basketball, we usually cheer for the black guys. Wait... is that racist?)

Addison: How come we cheer for those guys?

Justin: Because they live close to us, and the other team lives kind of far away.

Addison: Far away? Like, Africa?

Oh, Addison, the complexities of the NBA confuse me too. Let's go watch Alice and Wonderland together.


Justin said...

Right. Because putting a round ball in a round hoop is so complicated. And a girl who falls into parallel universe where she grows and shrinks, battles an evil queen who has an enormous head, talks to a floating cat head, receives guidance from a chain-smoking caterpillar, and needs to kill a giant jabberwocky is so simple. Okay...

Jonathan said...

also. as far as my childhood memory can recollect, isn't it called Alice IN Wonderland? Unless it's about Alice AND Wonderland as two separate subjects in the storyline, but I'm pretty sure its the first one.

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