Thursday, June 17, 2010


To preface this post, I must tell you that I just finished a book called Ahab's Wife, which had a heavy theme throughout of cannibalism. So it was on my mind. I've always been grossly fascinated by cannibalism. So much so that when I was 17, my two friends Nate and Andrew rented "Ravenous" for me and we watched it in my very dark, very creepy basement. I couldn't stand up straight after watching it because it made me feel weak and dizzy. I stopped being interested in cannibalism. Now this book got me thinking about it again, which is gross.

If anyone wants to borrow "Ravenous" I totally own it now. That's kind of sick in the head, right?


Justin and I are sitting on the couch watching Tosh.O which I love dearly. Commercial break.

Me: Hey, Justin?

Justin: Yeah?

Me: Would you ever be a cannibal?

Justin: What do you mean.

Me: I mean like, if you were dying of hunger, and the only way to survive was to eat someone else, would you?

Justin: Hm.... probably.

Me: Really? I don't think I could.

Justin: Huh.

Me: I think, if put in the position, I'd rather be eaten than eat someone else.

Justin: I'd probably rather eat someone else.


Justin: Well... that works out.

I'd like to point out that if something ever happens where we are foodless and I SUDDENLY go missing, it's because Justin has chopped me up and made me into Jae Jerky (see what I did that? Hilar.)


Morgan -Ing said...

I did decide that I would absolutely eat our dog if I had to, but I haven't yet discussed if Derek will be eating me or if I'll be eating him. We'll have to schedule that talk.

The Wifey said...

That is really quite funny. Hilar. haha.

Sheriece said...

You know, I always wonder why you two ended up together. Maybe this is why.

Also I should note that while I was reading this post I laughed so hard that Chance asked why I was laughing. I wasn't sure if this was too weird of a thing to talk about with my 13 year old son, so I didn't reply.

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