Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend/Life Update...ish

I feel like this poor blog is dying a slow death. With work, my other blog and the crazy-busyness of general life, the fam blog had to take a back seat. But today is one of those days where I have been excessively productive and on the ball, so I believe that a blog post is in order.

Over Memorial Day weekend we headed up to the cabin. The cabin is only about 45 minutes away from Park City, where incidentally there were a lot of good sales happening. Naturally I went down to check them out, and NATURALLY I bought a bunch of stuff and was very happy. We also tried to go fishing but it was a bust. Too windy, and while it was warm down in the valley, it was fa-reezing up where we were. That was a good call on our part. First warm weekend of the year? I'd rather spend it in the frozen tundra, thanks.

I have been working at the hospital pretty religious since I made the decision to start volunteering there. It is so. much. fun. If you know my dad, then you know he can pretty much strike up a conversation with a fence post, and I think that talent was passed to me. At first I found it pretty daunting to walk into someone's hospital room and start chatting, but so far it hasn't been a problem. In fact, a ten minute visit with me usually stretches into an hour or so by the time I'm finished. I always come around dinner time and the poor girl's dinner always gets cold. Luckily, the hospital is the kind of place where heat doesn't much improve your food anyway. There's been hard days, but more often than not, I leave so glad I've had the experiences that I have so I can do a good job talking, commiserating and reassuring the girls over there. It gets to the point where I'm bummed if there aren't a lot of patients.

We also had a NICU reunion. I went over early to help set up, and then brought Andrew, Addison and Justin over later. I've seen a lot of Andrew's old nurses and therapists and doctors while at the hospital, but there were a few that hadn't gotten to see Andrew or Addison and were happy to hang out. I've been doing some of the volunteer work in the NICU now, each night when I'm finished with my visits. The first time I went in there, it was trippy and uncomfortable, but it's gotten better each time. Now I don't even balk when I walk in there.

Plus, they gave me a freakin' sweet security badge. Now I feel like I'm on Grey's Anatomy when I go over there. (Seriously, so much hospital drama. I was there the night they admitted Gary Coleman, of all people. And we dealt with an abduction risk one night. BANANAS. Of course, it's no hospital shooter season finale, but it's still pretty dishy.)

Other than that, we've been busy. We're still alive, just not so much on the Interwebs. Especially now that the weather is nice, I plan to spend my days outside, rather than in here, clacking on the computer. You are lucky that it's rainy out today.

Also, I feel like a picture of Andrew eating a bag of Cheetos (THEY'RE BAKED) would really enhance this post.

Ignore the WALL OF TOYS behind him there. It's just because it's an actual wall of toys. We really need to get the toy situation under control. Especially when all he ever plays with is a plastic football.

HOORAY early retirement! Andrew will be my meal ticket, I'm sure of it.


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