Monday, May 24, 2010

Addison's Very Large and Unnecessary Graduation

Preschool drew to a close last week, and so we endured a very long, very large cap and gown celebration of Addison learning how to sort shapes and write her name, etc. I thought it was pretty hilarious. The preschool we sent her to has 60 kids, 15 to each class, so it was a big event. They rented out an auditorium for it for goodness sakes.

These pictures are all out of order, but you know what? I don't feel like dragging them around so you get what you get. I LOVE MONDAYS.

Mama and Addison... with the Tahoe? When I saw this thumbnail I thought it was a mountain behind us. Nope, just a mountain of SUV.

Andrew being himself at the ceremony. I totally shaved his head for the first time. It traumatized me worse than it did him. I'm used to his curly girly locks.

Addison showed up and was one of only THREE kids not wearing their school shirts. No joke. She wouldn't have it... she wanted to wear her new outfit.

With Justin's brother and his wife... in her gown. Please note the perfectly coiffed hair here. And the fact that the gown makes her look like a glowing baby angel.

Aaaand the cap makes an appearance. She hated it and wore it backward the majority of time.

Why do I look evil in this picture? Nevermind.

Family photo op! I love!

Addison right after the whole shebang ceremony. It was really long. We were all quite tired.

Shockingly, Addison and her BFF marched in together. INSEPARABLE. Sometimes her mother and I have to make pointed efforts to keep them apart.

Please note Addison, front and center... not wearing her red shirt. Le sigh.

So now with preschool out of the way, I have Addison two extra days of the week and don't know what to do with her. I went to the craft store and LITERALLY bought $50 worth of supplies for a "Bored Box". She keeps telling me that she's bored to gain access. I'M ONTO YOU!


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