Friday, July 16, 2010


When Addison was just tiny, she would tell me that she was "speppy" at bedtime. I've been blessed with two "speepy" kids. Addison still takes an afternoon nap most days, and Andrew still naps pretty solidly twice a day.

I remember being a little kid and begging my mom to read Little House on the Prairie with me. She would, instead, ask that I read to her. She would ALWAYS fall alseep and then I would get ticked off and jump on her to wake her up.

Well, I got a taste of my own medicine. A week or two ago, I decided that Addison and I would have a sleepover. We rolled out the sofa bed, popped popcorn, watched movies, the works. BUT OMG did Addison want to stay up late. We were watching the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland. Around 11pm I started drifting off, whereupon Addison started hitting me in the head and yelling for me to stay awake. She wanted me to stay up to watch the dragon part. I don't know why she likes these things, she's a weird kid. Anyway, we made it to the end of the movie and promptly fell asleep on the most UNCOMFORTABLE sofa bed ever made. Luckily I thought ahead and took a Tylenol PM.

Justin crept down in the morning after showering and getting dressed, where Addison and I were still passed out from our crazy night:

Apparently we partied harder than I thought because I look a mess and Addison slept in until like, 10. Of course, I secretly loved all of it and remembered how much I love having a girl to do this stuff with. Hooray for mini-me's!


Morgan -Ing said...

Sofa beds suck, but it looks like it was FUN!

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