Saturday, July 10, 2010

Seven Years? No... really?

Soooo the big birthdayslashanniversary happens on Monday, and since I'm planning for a moderately busy day I thought I'd throw out a blog post before things got nuts. I mean, I'll be WORKING so that's kind of a big deal.

I was just talking with one of my friends about birthdays as a adult and how generally lame they are. One day I'd like a big party-hat, pin the tail on the donkey and water fight birthday of my childhood. I was spoiled in my family because my birthday always fell during my dad's summer holidays. We usually wandered off for some sort of road trip; we went to Prince Edward Island and Myrtle Beach in consecutive years. I feel bad for Addison and Andrew for having February birthdays. Like, happy birthday! Enjoy staying inside and looking at the slush on the road! On the other had, it DOES get me out of doing a large b-day affair.

And of course, with anniversary mixed in, poor July 12th has some pretty big expectations to fill. Luckily, Justin has taken seven years to learn the value of bringing me to the mall and allowing me to pick out a large and expensive present, which he pays for. And since I don't think I'm getting a bicycle, we're going to wander through Nordstrom tonight and see what my little heart desires.

(Justin and me, on the weekend we started dating roughly eight years ago. WE LOOK LIKE BABIES)

The other day I was at the hospital (imagine! another hospital story!) and I was talking to two sweet mom's who had babies in the NICU. Both were young; one had her baby exactly nine months from her wedding day (keeping in mind that she came two months early so it was a bow chicka bow wow wedding night baby) and the other had only been married a year. We got to talking about weddings and engagements and I let it slip that I'd been married for seven years. "Seven years!" one girl exclaimed. "How have you been married seven years?"

(August 2002; I knew he was a keeper because I never wore makeup around him lol)

Since both were just shy of their first anniversaries, I didn't want to divulge too much of our marital success secrets for them. Mostly because they'd be terrified. Most people who know Justin and me as a couple know we're pretty odd together. We make up our own rules and snicker at marriage books. You won't catch us making kissy faces at each other and we never, and I mean NEVER use pet names for each other (unless you count when we refer to each other as 'demented old circus monkeys'). But it works nonetheless. Our seven years has been a combination of mutual toleration, regular night time debates about rap music, a love of making fun of people together and an uncanny dual superiority complex.

(Doin' the wedding thing to make it legal. And I mean that in the strictest sense. I was only 18 when we started dating so....)

It's probably apt that my first piece of advice to newlyweds is "Don't take marriage so seriously. " I mean, Dr. Phil's got nothing on you when you have sarcasm and barbecue chips to bind you together.

(Being adorable newlyweds and doing constructive things like mini-golfing. Now a date consists of a trip to Wal-Mart without the kiddos. We keeps it SPICY!)

Of course it hasn't been perfect. Is there anything more annoying than a married couple who acts like they are? I take great pride in giving people the clear picture. We bicker. A lot. Justin hates my messy tendencies as much as I hate is uber-organized tendencies. We never agree on where or what to eat. Just as he comes home, looking to unwind for the day, I'm looking for something to do to get out of the house. Neither of us can stand the way the other one flosses.

But if I'm going to hate the way someone flosses, it might as well be the one who has put up with me for these last seven or eight years.

(The fam of three with two on the way.)

It occurred to me that I've known Justin since 2001. We've had nine years to hit the spot we're at right now, and I'm pretty good with that. Of course, this IS the years of the seven year itch, so talk to me on another day when I'm not feeling so smug about our marriage. We been through a lot of crazy stuff together (See: The years 2008 to 2009) and had to test our marriage in ways that others will never have to. I wouldn't wish stuff like that on my worst enemy. But it's what makes it work for us; we're fiercely loyal due to the fact that we've encountered crazy experiences, terrible tragedy and the worst of times. And we did it together (Not "it", don't be disgusting. Actually, we did that too because we obviously have children. Why are we talking about this? I'm trying to be heartfelt and sweet here. Motherfletcher!) And we made it out okay.

(While I was typing this out, Justin butt-dialed me out in the garage. HAAHAHAHA. I can't wait to make fun of him for it. See? That's just how we roll.)

(Fam of four and holding steady.)

Whenever I'm in a sour mood with Justin, he breaks the ice by yelling, "Jacqueline, we have got to get to the point where we could ride a tandem bike together." I always snap back, "I will NEVER ride a tandem bike with you!" (Then, he inexplicably throws me over his shoulder and spins me around in a move that he calls 'The Helicopter' that he turns to any time our conversations become too serious. I struggle and generally scream "I'm going to pee! I'm going to pee!" until he puts me down.)

Well, on this eve before our seventh year together, celebrating eight years of togetherness, I take this opportunity to let you, Justin, the love of my life and father of my children know...

...I refuse to ride a tandem bike with you EVER. I don't care if we are 90 and you have a heart disease which requires exactly two minutes of tandem bike riding each day to cure you. The thought of riding a tandem bike pretty much makes me want to light myself on fire.

Love you anyway, you demented old circus monkey!!

Happy Anniversary to US.


Carolyn said...

Aw, happy 7th! I'm pretty sure all us RHM's got married at the same time :).

Morgan -Ing said...

Happy Anniversary! And Happy Birthday, and Carolyn, I think you're right. :)

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