Sunday, November 7, 2010

Generic Halloween Post

SO I like to strike while the iron's hot, which is why this post is a week late. Sorry, as per usual life has been bananas and my poor camera has sat, pregnant with pictures, for a long time. Ooh, I like that phrase. I swear my life revolves around pregnancy and childbirth now.

Anyway, a quick note on Halloween. It was SUCH A BUST. We did the Main St. thing and I was glad we did, seeing as Halloween ended up being caught in a torrential downpour. S'okay. We got plenty of loot by begging for candy around town. Unfortch, Andrew got stung by a wasp on his eye AGAIN while I pushed him around in the stroller. That made for a very angry. The next day, as we braved the storm, I decided to paint on a black mask because that morning he also threw himself off of my bed mid-tantrum and landed on --you guessed it-- his wasp bite. As a result, the entire side of his face was swollen and I was scared of a call to DCFS.

After the storm ended, we finally got to go out, but Addison got sick about the fourth house in. I believe it had something to do with the zero food to 50 piece of candy ration she was maintaining that day. We just went home to hand out candy, until we ran out and had to turn the lights off and sneak upstairs to watch Hocus Pocus. We're still digging ourselves out of the candy, since neither Addie nor Andrew are remotely interested in the giant bowl full of loot. Anyone want to come over and rifle through it?

As you can see, I had a very cute Batgirl and Robin pair on my hands. My delight in dressing my children as a matching set will never cease.

Yup, there's a huge welt being covered up here. Plus he hated the mask that came with the costume.

Fiyahpowah! Check out those muscles. She also insisted I paint her mask like Andrew's despite the fact that she was wearing a mask too.

Aww what a perfect kid picture. This was just before she took off running, and tripped, and tore her tights within five seconds.

Addie after a donut eating contest at her friend Madisen and Jai Jai's . She was pretty terrible.

Andrew however, was stealth and fantastic.

Don't worry, I wore my witch hat around as a big effort for a costume. Let's just say I'm glad Halloween is a once a year type of thing. Because I am dunzo.


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