Tuesday, November 16, 2010


One of the best parts about having Addison get older is that I get to live vicariously through her like the star parent that I am. For instance, I remembered my obsessive love for Sailor Moon a few months ago. I remembered racing home at lunch time with my best friend Vanessa so that we could eat ramen noodles and swoon over Tuxedo Mask. So the other day, I searched until I found every episode online and now Addison and I have been diligently working through all of the seasons. She loves it, and I love when I catch her singing the theme song. Also, the other day her friend was over and Addison was trying to force her into playing Sailor Moon, and her friend had no idea what she was talking about and asked me if she could go home.

Yeah, we're that family.

Anyhow, with the genius that is Netflix, I get to relive my childhood on a daily basis by watching old school movies that I used to love. One day, while perusing the pages, I found "The Secret Garden." The 1993 version I used to watch on VHS. So last night, when Andrew was out for the count, me and Addison snuggled up to watch together.

The first half hour went fine. In fact, I forgot the part where Mary's parents die in a fiery inferno, but I kept looking at Addie and she seemed unphased. Mary dealt with the crabby servants and the scary uncle, and still she was fine. It wasn't until Mary had a dream sequence and she was a baby, and her mother held out her arms and then suddenly ran away that I looked at Addison and she said, "Oh, look at that poor baby!.............. I think I'm going to cry."

Whereupon she burst into tears and sobbed for 10 minutes straight. Justin came in wondering what the heck I had done to her child while I frantically explained that it was just a dream, and that the baby is really fine.

So we learned last night that Addie has severe separation issues, and "The Secret Garden" is a little too much to handle. Back to Scooby Doo we go.


Chavah said...

We would get on so well if we ever met! I too loved Sailor Moon and the Secret Garden. My kids have also had to sit through watching these with me lol. In fact whenever I hear the name Darien I always say 'like on Sailor Moon!'. No one ever says yes to that comment.
Seperated at birth I swear...that'd explain why we have the best sense of humour and why we lack in our love of mum dating and overpraising our kids :/ Do I sound like an internet stalker yet? I think I do so I'll stop now.

michelle said...

Aah, Tuxedo Mask. I remember him well. I recognize that he wasn't the focal point of your post, but it just brought back so many memories!
Sorry to hear that Addison isn't quite ready for The Secret Garden. Try Terms of Endearment, maybe? LOVE your blog, Jae!

Kathy said...

Where were you able to find Sailor Moon Episodes online?? I've been looking!

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