Sunday, January 23, 2011


Me and Justin, discussing going out with some of our best friends that we hadn't seen in a while.

Jacqueline: I'm excited to go out tomorrow night! We haven't seen them in forever.

Justin: I know.

Jacqueline: We'd probably go out more if you actually liked other people.

Justin: What? I like lots of people!

Jacqueline: Oh really? K, name one person you like RIGHT NOW.

Justin: Jesus.


Sheriece said...

This makes me CRY LAUGHING! Sigh... only my brother :D

Carolyn said...


Shop Girl* said...

Haha... I'm pretty sure that your husband is the American version of mine.

Me said...

Hey, so I totally don't know you, and I guess I am a complete blog stocker, but I found you from your fashion blog, (which I LOVE by the way! Thanks for all the great advice!!) and I clicked on a link to this blog from there. . . anyway, I laughed out loud on this post! My husband is the same way. . . just happy to be home with the fam, not liking others much at all. You are such a talented and funny writer. . . thanks for all your great advice:)

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