Monday, January 10, 2011

He Speaks!

Andrew has been talking up a storm lately. Besides announcing to our congregation at church that he has pooped, he's learned from Addison to talk to strangers. Today I took the kids to the library in an effort to get them out of the house with my having to actually go outside (totally worked, btw, a library card is a marvelous thing.) The librarian is pretty familiar with us now, as we live in a small town and I'm the lady who lets her children run rampant while she reads in front of the fireplace. She has a little step stool at the counter so she can give the little kids a dinosaur stamp which sends the A's into fits of glee. While I was checking out four movies, four dinaosuar books and a book about dads (really? No "I love mom" books? Whatever.) Andrew hopped up on the steps stool. He had a conversation. It went like this.

Andrew: HI!

Librarian: Hi, little boy! What's your name?

Andrew: Addison!

And you know what? I just pretended that his name was Addison because I didn't feel like explaining it and the REAL Addison was hitting the handicapped door button repeatedly and I wanted to leave. Equals why it was smart to give my daughter a unisex name.

Score one point for me!

I did, however, spend the entire ride home coaching Andrew on saying his own name. I would say Andrew, and he would laugh and say Addison. And in other name-confusing news, last night the very same Andrew was trying to steal money out of Addie's piggy bank and I heard her yell "ANDREW JAE!"

Yeah, Jae is HER middle name.

Sweet mother, my kids are having identity crises.


Joy said...

Too funny! My daughter is a couple of weeks older than Andrew. She realized that we call her brother by his first & middle names, Levi Hollis, when we want his immediate attention. Now, she calls all of us that way--"Levi Hollis!" "Daddy Hollis!" "Mommy Hollis!"

Quirky Jessi said...

Hey, so long as *you* remember their names, I think it's all good. My sister doesn't have a middle name at all, but when my mother used to get mad at her and try to do the stereotypical "use their full name" stunt, she'd throw my middle name in there. And I was the good kid, so if I ever did something even remotely off-kilter, she'd always yell my sister's name instead, hehe.

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