Monday, February 21, 2011

My Boy

So Andrew turned the big 0-2 last Wednesday and things have just barely calmed down enough for me to post pictures and whatnot. Luckily Addison's birthday is on Monday so we get to ramp up production again in like , two days. NEVER HAVE KIDS IN THE SAME MONTH!

Andrew is a hilarious baby. Justin and I were just saying that neither of us thought he would be such a clown. I always say that thing with twins is that there's always an evil one. We're starting to think that Andrew is the evil twin and Thomas would have been more docile. Because Andrew is just a noisy tornado wherever he goes. I never thought I'd LOVE having a boy the way I do. But planning his dump truck birthday was so fun after planning four princess-related birthdays.

We just had the family over for pizza and cake. Andrew loved all of the attention from his cousins so we barely even saw him except for singing happy birthday. He is just a cool little kid. He's super mellow and happy 99.9999 percent of the time. He's very much into Diego and can say five in Spanish like 341 times per day. Super fun, gang. Also, yesterday in church he yelled "OH MY GOSH!" very loudly. Yeah, this is what I'm dealing with here.

I'm actually super excited. I don't buy into the terrible twos because after you live with an 18 month old baby who can't communicate, the second year is like cake for me. I love talking, independent children. Especially one like Andrew, who says hilarious things.

Anyway, without getting too bloggy mom-ish, I need to record somewhere how much I love my cool little guy. I have such a special relationship and appreciation for him. Whenever he says something new or gives an unsolicited hug I about burst into tears. The thing is, when someone tells you that your baby won't survive, it turns every little thing that he does into a minor miracle. To sing happy birthday to my two year old boy was the best feeling in the world. Plus, I got to eat cake after. Even better.

Here's some pics! Just ignore their darkness... I haven't had a chance to fool around with them in Photoshop. OH MY LIFE.

Andrew's dump truck / high traffic cone cake. Ignore the discrepancy in scale. Those are just really large cones.

Oh, thanks for the BATTLEAXE Sheriece and Shane. Spoiler alert! I'm giving Carter a canon for his birthday.

Andrew being goobery about Diego. He has a man crush. All day he asks me for

Covered in cake. That kid is skilled with utensils. He's actually an advanced eater. Some might call him gifted.

The dining room. I found road signs and dump trucks and construction hats and now what the heck am I supposed to do with them?

The kidlets chowing down. We had candy in the dump trucks. Then I sent dump trucks home with the kidlets because we don't actually need five dump trucks.

Andrew hanging out, checking out the balloons. Let it be known that this is the only way he sits in his high chair. Cake.

That's my boy.


Sheriece said...

So adorable! I love that little guy!

P.S. - Shane bought Carter an identical battleaxe for his birthday on Sunday. *sigh* I, being the responsible parent, bought him a box full of Melissa and Doug toys.

Morgan -Ing said...

Oh, Happy Birthday to Andrew (even though it's late!) I can't believe it's been two years!

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