Monday, March 7, 2011

My Girl

Finally, the month of February is over. All this week I only have two or three things scheduled and I am So. Happy. I can finally stop getting up at 5:45 am in order to squeeze every possible moment out of the day. Today I heard my phone alarm go off at 6 and I just snuggled deeper under the covers.

The end of the month was Addison's birthday. Fun fact, anytime I mention that Addie's birthday is on the 28th of February, someone says that if she had been born a day later, she would have been born on a leap year. NO. She was not born in a leap year. That's the thing about leap years. They only happen every four years. Explaining this to people without making them feel idiotic is nearly impossible.

ANYWAY, after he big friend party on Friday and her family party on Sunday, we decided to keep it low key for her actual birthday. We left all of her decorations up and let her pic the activity for the day. She wanted to go to the aquarium so Justin took a half day off and we trekked north to look at sea creatures. They have a penguin exhibit which is probably the most adorable thing of life and I went straight for the seahorses which are the best things ever. We topped it all off with a pizza shaped like a 5 and giving Addie her "big" present, which was a real bike.

There is no way I feel old enough to have a five year old. I remember blogging about being pregnant with Addison. I should have known that she would be a mellow kid because my pregnancy with her was so perfect and easy. My doctor would tell me that my body was meant to be pregnant and I would beam with pride. Of course later on we would find out that I'm really NOT that great at being pregnancy, but that's another story.

Addison is a funny kid. She has a lot of personality and maturity packed into her super small little body. She's my shadow and my mini-mi. To sum her personality up in a nutshell would be to point out that she never asks if she can help me, she always says "I can help you." Addison is always willing to pitch in. She is even-tempered (clearly she got that from me) has an awesome memory and is pretty smart. The other day she told me she spelled "dolphin" and brought me a paper that said d-o-f-i-n. I'll take it! I also have to watch what I'm listening to in the car with her around. She loves to sing and yesterday I got her dressed in her black and yellow dress and she started singing this. She is a classy girl. She also has an awesome sense of humor and is very sarcastic. Definitely not from me.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick little note about how awesome she is. Not for bragging rights, just so one day, when she's 16 and sneaking out with her boyfriend and stealing the car, I'll remember that when she was five, she was a dear.

To see pics from our February craziness, click here!


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